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Installing Bali window treatments can reduce the heat transfer through your windows, potentially saving you money. In the winter, window treatments help keep cold air out and warm air in, reducing your heating bill. In the summer, window treatments block solar radiation, preventing solar heat gain and decreasing the need for air conditioning. The Bali Energy Savings Calculator estimates these benefits as annual savings, shown here.

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The Facts About Energy Savings Tax Credit and Window Treatments

The current economic conditions have consumers looking for ways to save money on the products they purchase and enhance the way they live. One area that has been getting a lot of attention is the federal energy tax credit for products that qualify as energy efficient for the home. This tax credit has been creating confusion in the window treatments market. Accordingly, we've received inquiries on whether or not Springs Window Fashions products qualify for the federal energy tax credit.

After an extensive review process by our internal tax, legal, engineering, and external tax consultants, our research indicates that window treatments do not qualify for the energy tax credit. In our continued commitment to provide you with a Best Experience, we want to make you aware of our research and position on this important matter.

We understand that everyone's tax situation is unique and the tax laws are complex. If you'd like additional information about the federal energy tax credit, visit the Energy Star website ( This website provides extensive details about what is and what is not eligible for the tax credit. Under the section titled "Products," you will find window treatments do not qualify.

While blinds and shades do not qualify for this specific energy tax credit, they can insulate rooms form the heat and the cold. Some products are more energy-efficient than others, such as cellular shades. For example a 3/8" double cell blackout fabric has an R-Value of 5.45 when combined with a Double Pane Low-e Window. This R-Value means you could reduce heating and cooling costs up to 25%.

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