Wood Blinds

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Superior quality, superior craftsmanship.

The natural warmth of Bali Wood Blinds instantly transforms any room into an inviting sanctuary.

  • Crafted from 100% North American hardwoods
  • A wide selection of paints and stains can seamlessly blend wood blinds with your existing finishes on flooring, cabinets, and furniture
  • Available in various slat sizes and styles
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Product Ratings for Wood Blinds


*Based on average window size of 48" x 60"


Least expensive


Minimal expense


Moderate expense


Most expensive

Privacy Levels


Images are visible through shades.


Increased privacy; images appear as vague shapes or shadows.


Maximum privacy; images are not visible through shades.

Light Control Levels


Allows light to enter.

Light Filtering

Diffuses light for a screened view. Deeper fabric colors offer more light control.

Room Darkening

Deeper fabric colors darken a room; light colors filter and diffuse bright sunlight.


Blocks all light from entering. All fabric colors provide maximum light control.

Energy Efficiency


Provides some level of insulation.


Provides moderate level of insulation.


Provides highest level of insulation.
Privacy Levels
Light Control Levels
Room Darkening
Energy Efficiency
  • Color Name: Teriyaki
  • Color Number: 0694
  • Options Shown: Cord Lift/Wand Tilt
1" Northern Heights Wood Blinds
1" Northern Heights™ Wood Blinds
1" Northern Heights Wood Blinds are custom crafted from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods. Our extensive palette of paints and stains further enhance the wood's natural beauty and perfectly coordinate with Bali Wood Vertical Blinds. Ideal for smaller windows or windows with limited depth.
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Picket Fence
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Majestic Walnut
Regal Oak
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Control Types

  • Wand Tilt with Cord Lift
    Option Choice Picture

    Use the matching wood wand, attached to the headrail, to tilt the blinds open or closed.

Decorative Tassels

Choose from several styles of decorative tassels for your lift controls.

Flared Wood Tassel
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Antique Brass Tassel
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Nickel Tassel
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Valance Styles

  • 3" Standard Valance
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    This attractive wood top treatment features a clean, simple profile.

  • Traditional Valance
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    Top your blinds with the classic, lilting curves of this 3 ½″ wood valance.

  • Eloquence Valance
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    The contoured lines of this 4 1/2" wood valance complement existing window moldings.

Projection Brackets

Option Picture
Select projection brackets if you plan to install the window treatment on or above the window molding and need to extend the window treatment out in order to give additional clearance to avoid the window operating hardware or molding.

Hold Down Brackets

Option Picture
Order hold down brackets to prevent a door-mounted treatment from bouncing around as the door is opened or closed.  Hold down brackets can also be used to secure a window-mounted treatment that is subject to a lot of wind exposure.

Cord Cleats

Cord cleats are available for all window treatments with lift cords. Use them to anchor cords to the wall, keeping them out of reach of children or pets. Clear cord cleats are complimentary and provided upon request; for a more decorative touch, purchase brass cleats in either decorative or antique brass styles.
Clear Cord Cleat
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Cord Winder
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Brass Decorative
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Antique Brass Decorative
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Please note that due to variations in devices and printers, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of colors shown. All swatches are samples of the color ordered; swatches do not represent actual product size or type.
cm = inches
inches = cm