Horizontal Blinds

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Enhance your windows and revitalize your decor.

An incredibly versatile design element, Bali Horizontal Blinds are available with aluminum, textured vinyl, or fabric slats.

  • Aluminum blinds are available in several slat sizes and can be inverted to optimize natural light
  • Durable and easy to clean, horizontal blinds come in a wide array of colors
  • Vinyl blinds are suitable for all types of windows and coordinate well with Bali Vertical Blinds
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Product Ratings for Horizontal Blinds


*Based on average window size of 48" x 60"


Least expensive


Minimal expense


Moderate expense


Most expensive

Privacy Levels


Images are visible through shades.


Increased privacy; images appear as vague shapes or shadows.


Maximum privacy; images are not visible through shades.

Light Control Levels


Allows light to enter.

Light Filtering

Diffuses light for a screened view. Deeper fabric colors offer more light control.

Room Darkening

Deeper fabric colors darken a room; light colors filter and diffuse bright sunlight.


Blocks all light from entering. All fabric colors provide maximum light control.

Energy Efficiency


Provides some level of insulation.


Provides moderate level of insulation.


Provides highest level of insulation.
Privacy Levels
Light Control Levels

Light Filtering to Room Darkening

Energy Efficiency
  • Color Name: Beige, Creamy Beige
  • Color Number: 011, 670
1" LightBlocker Aluminum Blinds
1" LightBlocker™ Aluminum Blinds

Available in either 6 or 8 gauge thickness and countless color options. These contemporary blinds include a sleek headrail to minimize light gaps for maximum privacy and light control.  Slats can also be inverted to redirect more sunlight into the room.


♦ Available with cordless control
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Available Colors

♦Alabaster Pearl
♦Almost White Gloss
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♦Beige Pearl
♦Black Satin
♦Brushed Aluminum
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♦Canary Yellow
♦Char Brown
♦Crystal White
♦Desert Sand
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♦Fawn Pearl
♦Hunter Green
♦Lavender Lace
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♦Little Boy Blue
♦Milk Chocolate
♦Polished Aluminum
♦Princess Pink
♦Real Red
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Thickness of Gauge

  • 6 Gauge Slat
    Option Choice Picture

    High-quality, durable aluminum; stain resistant for easy maintenance.

  • 8 Gauge Slat
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    Premium-quality, heavy-duty aluminum; stain resistant for minimal upkeep.

Inverted Slats

Bring up to 38% more daylight into your room by choosing the inverted slat option.  Highly reflective aluminum slats are turned upside down to throw more natural light into your room.

Inverted Slat
Option Choice Picture

Tilt Type

  • Wand Tilt with Cord Lift
    Option Choice Picture Clear plastic wand rotates left or right to tilt the blinds and adjust the privacy and light level in the room (standard).
  • Wand Tilt with Cordless Lift
    Option Choice Picture Ideal for homes with children or pets, the Cordless Lift System eliminates dangling cord hazards of traditional cord-controlled window treatments and provides a cleaner, more orderly appearance.  Our unique handle design allows operation of hard to reach windows using the adjustable skypoles.
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Privacy Option

For maximum privacy and light control, route holes are placed further back on the slats. Closing blinds eliminates light gaps.

Standard Route Holes
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Hidden Holes
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Projection Brackets

Option Picture

Select projection brackets if you plan to install the window treatment on or above the window molding and need to extend the window treatment out in order to give additional clearance to avoid the window operating hardware or molding.

Hold Down Brackets

Option Picture

Order hold down brackets to prevent a door-mounted treatment from bouncing around as the door is opened or closed.  Hold down brackets can also be used to secure a window-mounted treatment that is subject to a lot of wind exposure.   

Cord Cleats

Available upon request for all window treatments with lift cords. Cords are anchored to wall, keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

Clear Cord Cleat
Option Choice Picture

Please note that due to variations in devices and printers, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of colors shown. All swatches are samples of the color ordered; swatches do not represent actual product size or type.
cm = inches
inches = cm