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Eco Friendly Curtains, Shades, & Blinds

NEW Eco-friendly Solar Shade Fabrics

  • Solar Shade with Cordless Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Hem Bar: EnviroStyle, Simply Tan 10061, and Contour Valance
  • Solar Shade with Cordless Lift, Fabric-Wrapped Hem Bar: SafeElements, Soft Shale 10252, and Contour Valance

Eco-friendly Solar Shades

Our three Eco collections of solar shades help create a better environment on the planet and in your own home.

  • EcoLiving fabrics are made from plastic bottles recycled from the ocean.
  • EnviroStyle fabrics feature 100% consumer recycled material to reduce landfill waste.
  • SafeElements fabrics help reduce fungi and microbes in your home.

The fabrics in these collections have been tested by UL Environment and meet their stringent GREENGUARD Gold standards. This means our fabrics contribute to healthier indoor air quality because of their low VOC emissions levels and are safe to use around children and other vulnerable people like the sick or elderly.

Good for Your Home, Good for the World

Our Eco collections are specially made for a healthier home and for environmental sustainability. You’ll feel good knowing your Bali Solar Shades are helping improve the health of your home and the environment!