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Horizontal Blinds: A Classic Choice

Horizontal Blinds | Design Blog | Bali Blinds and Shades

Who else has a tough time deciding which style of blind should go in which room? (I’m raising my hand, too.) As my husband, Scott, and I renovate our home room by room, there’s always that moment towards the end of an overhaul where we look at our bare windows, and we say, now what? It took us several years to hone in on form and function for our 130-year-old house, and only now can I say that we’re more confident in choosing window treatments that could work in any application!

Premium Vinyl Horizontal Blinds

1" Premium Vinyl Horizontal Blinds with Wand Tilt/Cord Lift and Cord Cleats: Light Gray 193

There’s one style in particular, horizontal blinds, that you may be the most familiar with, but you might be wondering if it’s the right choice for you! Also sometimes called "mini blinds," this style is the perfect companion when you’re looking for a lot of flexibility over light control. Think: your media or family room, bedrooms, and home office. Open horizontal blinds to allow sunlight to stream in, or close them for light blocking and complete privacy. They’re a great solution for those times when you need room darkening in a pinch, or on the opposite end, when you need sunlight at its max capacity!

In a similar vein, we recently used Bali Wood Blinds in the front and dining rooms of our friends’ new home. They were on the hunt for a style that would be safe, practical, and attractive for their family, and we landed on white wood horizontal blinds with cordless lift. Bali Aluminum and Vinyl Blinds also have cordless options, as well as a lot of the same customization, such as cloth tapes and valances. In other words, you can have your budget blinds and your style, too.

Bali Horizontal Blinds

1" Premium Vinyl Horizontal Blinds with Wand Tilt/Cord Lift: Wheat 710

As mentioned, Bali Horizontal Blinds are available in aluminum and vinyl with up to a 2" slat, and there is an incredible array of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from! Opt for aluminum when you’re on the hunt for classic style, durability, and ease of use. Horizontal vinyl blinds offer all the same features and benefits as aluminum blinds, while also bringing in a wide assortment of on-trend colorways and patterns. Better yet, the Bali painting process on either material resists dust, stains, and scratches, while also resisting mold and mildew.

Bali 2" Horizontal Blinds

2" Vinyl Horizontal Blinds with Wand Tilt/Cord Lift, NoHoles™, and Standard Valance: Americana, Oceanfront 7058

Perhaps my favorite part of the window treatment process is selecting my free samples and seeing how a product might look in my room. This is always my chance to be a bit more daring. In other words, I encourage you to add those soft green, silver, and blue samples to your cart! I have surprised myself before by choosing a bold color that elevated my room in a way I never would have guessed without those samples in hand.

With so many options available to customize, horizontal blinds have the fantastic ability to enhance your home’s décor, or if you’d prefer, they can even blend away. Coordinate these blinds with vertical blinds in other areas of your home, and allow yourself to have fun with color and texture!