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Here's a simple guide to
cleaning your window treatments

It’s spring! (Okay, the snow just melted here in the Midwest, but I have seen a robin or two, and the tulips are pushing their way through the mud in the backyard, so I’m going out on a limb to say sunny skies are on their way.) Time to put the winter clothes away, brush the cobwebs out of the corners; open up the windows and breathe in some fresh, warm air. And of course, this is a great time to dust off the window blinds and freshen up your shades and drapery. After all, light routine cleaning is the best way to keep window treatments looking like-new for years.

In general, Bali Blinds and Shades should be periodically dusted with a feather duster or vacuumed with an upholstery attachment. Small stains can be easily wiped clean with a sponge soaked in warm water and mild detergent. Gently blot the material to dry.
There are a few exceptions to the rule, so here are some tips on cleaning specific products:

Cellular Shades

  • Avoid strong detergents or spot removers, as they may harm your cellular shades.
  • Dry cleaning is also not recommended.

Pleated Shades

  • Be sure to remove the shade from the window before cleaning. Open it fully and lay the fabric on a flat surface.
  • To remove fingerprints or spots, use a spray foam upholstery or fabric cleaner. Apply the foam to the entire area and gently rub back and forth with a clean, damp sponge. Be careful not to crush or wrinkle the fabric.
  • Dry the fabric by patting with a clean towel. Hang the shade up when it is completely dry.
  • Avoid strong detergents or spot removers. Dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning methods are also not recommended.
  • Finally, be aware that frequent cleaning may affect the fullness and body of pleated fabric.

Vertical Blinds

  • Vinyl vanes may be removed and immersed in water for cleaning. To eliminate static electricity, coat the vanes with a thin layer of mild detergent.
  • Fabric vanes should not be immersed in water or dry cleaned.

Solar and Roller Shades

  • Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not completely immerse in water.
  • Allow the shades to dry completely before raising.

Natural Shades

  • Occasional light vacuuming with a brush attachment should keep your natural shades clean.
  • For best results, avoid water or liquid cleaners.

Wood Blinds

  • For blinds with painted and stained finishes, clean with spray furniture polish and a soft cloth.
  • Avoid using water on any wood products.

Roman Shades

  • Be sure to remove the shade from the window before cleaning.
  • Open the shade fully and lay the fabric on a flat surface. Do not use strong detergents or spot removers.
  • Dry cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning methods are also not recommended.

Drapery and Tailored Roman Shades

    Decorative fabrics are not meant to be washed; even spot cleaning with water, club soda, soaps, or cleansers is not recommended.
  • If they do need a thorough cleaning, have the drapes or shades laundered by professionals with experience working with decorative fabric. (Not all dry cleaners know how to clean drapery safely and effectively. Be sure to ask!)
  • Since the methods of independent companies vary, Bali cannot guarantee ultrasonic or injection/extraction cleaning methods.

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