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How to Create a Smart Home with Bali Shades

Over the last several of years, my family has slowly made the switch from corded window shades to Bali Blinds window treatments that are cordless and operate with a remote. Last year, we took it one step further, and we added all of those shades to our home automation system, creating a smart home with the help of Bali AutoView™ Motorized Shades!

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Kim Vargo

Kim Vargo is one half of the team behind the Chicago, Ill.-based blog Yellow Brick Home. On any given day, you’ll find her and her husband Scott (her better half, she says) course correcting their way through their 120-year-old house. They’ve taken down walls, turned a kitchen into a bedroom, and love any reason to wear their tool belts for an entire weekend. Alongside their crew of four rescued pets, they’re slowly turning that old house into a dream home.