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Our Interactive Product Guide walks you through our products and options to find the best solution for your home. Make your selections, and your recommendation appears below!

1. Shape
2. Light / Privacy
3. Material
4. Solutions
Choose a window or door type that fits your needs:
Standard Window
Bay Window
Specialty Shape
Sliding Door
French Door
Consider the amount of desired privacy in your space:
Enables a view to the outside with minimal privacy
Light Filtering
Allows light to gently filter through for moderate privacy
Significantly dims natural light for moderate privacy
Blocks all natural light for complete privacy
Choose the material that matches your preference and style:
A variety of patterned materials from sheer to room darkening
Organic textures and colors made from renewable resources
Warm, sustainable options in a variety of stains and colors
Faux/Composite Wood
Strong, warp resistant material best suited for high humidity
Durable coverings for large windows and doors
Sturdy, scratch-resistant options with anti-static finish
Consider features and solutions you need:
Motorized Lift
Simple, intuitive remote control of grouped or individual shades
UV Protection
Protects home furnishings and floors from fading and damage
Withstands moisture from extreme climates
Energy Efficiency
Insulated against the heat and cold
Child/Pet Safety
Ensured security with features such as motorized or cordless lift
Top Down
Raise and lower from the top with a mounted bottom rail

Your Recommendation

Also Consider These Solutions Based on Your Selections

Cellular Shades

Soft, versatile shades in a honeycomb-shaped cell design that traps air for maximum insulation and energy savings

Custom Drapery

Layer with drapery for extra color and intrigue

DIY Shutters

Composite shutters with streamlined choices you can install yourself

Exterior Solar Shades

Block the sun's rays before they reach your window

Faux Wood Blinds

The look of real wood at a lower price; designed for humid rooms

Layered Shades

Twin panes of fabric with sheer and solid stripes allow precise light control

Pleated Shades

Crisp pleats in fashion-forward fabrics offer style with dimension

Premium Shutters

Wood and composite shutters in many colors, shapes, and styles installed by a professional

Roller Shades

Simple, versatile shades available in many textures, patterns, and colors

Sheer Shades

Fabric vanes woven into an elegant shade achieve a flawless look

Sliding Panels

A contemporary accent that can cover wide windows or divide a room

Solar Shades

Modern style that brings the outdoors in

Vertical Cellular Shades

Soft, versatile shades in a honeycomb-shaped cell design that traps air for maximum insulation and energy savings

Wood Blinds

Upscale, simple beauty crafted from 100% North American hardwood