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Value Vertical Blinds

Easy to Clean
Humidity Tolerance
Safe For Kids
Budget Friendly

Looking for an easy and attractive way to cover your sliding glass door or large window? Bali Value Vertical Blinds offer an excellent solution—at a great price.

Choose from nine different colors and textures for vertical blinds that are durable, easy-to-use, and look great.

Value Vertical Blinds are a breeze to open, close, and adjust—and they’re also easy to maintain. Best of all, installing vertical blinds is simple and takes just a few steps.
The vanes (also called louvers or slats) of a vertical blind can stack on either the right side or the left side. Choose the side opposite the door opening.

Installing vertical blinds is easy. After first installing the mounting brackets, you’ll attach the valance clips to the headrail, install the headrail, and then attach the vanes (also called louvers or slats).

Find complete installation instructions at

How long should the vanes (also called louvers or slats) be?

Getting the right length vanes is easy. Just follow the Bali measurement instructions to get the right dimensions for your window. Once provided to Bali, your Value Vertical Blinds will be built to the proper dimensions for your window. It’s that simple.

What is the life expectancy of vertical blinds?

Bali Value Vertical Blinds are highly durable. Their useful life depends on how much use they receive. They can stand up to being opened and closed multiple times a day.

Are vertical blinds child and pet safe?

Value Vertical Blinds are ideal for homes with children and pets. There are no exposed cords. All control of the blinds is through a wand. Vertical blinds are an excellent solution for any home.

Bali Value Vertical Blinds

Bali Value Vertical blinds are the go-to solution for sliding glass doors and wide windows—for good reason. The time-tested design is simple, easy to operate, and stands up to daily use. Value Vertical Blinds are available in a range of colors to suit any décor.

Value Vertical Blind Product Options

  • Right Stack

    Right Stack

    With a right stack, the panels open from the left and stack on the right when fully open.

  • Left Stack

    Left Stack

    With a left stack, the panels open from the right and stack on the left when fully open.

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