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Blinds for Large Windows and Wide Doors

Wide windows and sliding glass doors have come a long way. In fact, today, the term “wide window” means any window measuring more than 60" wide—and the options for how you use or outfit them have truly grown.

And why not? After all, these windows and doors are often a focal point in any room, as they open your home to sweeping, scenic views and generous amounts of daylight. What’s more, the popularity of open concept floor plans makes finding a way to work them into your décor more important than ever.

3 Reasons to Take Another Look at Wide Windows

Whole Home Coordination

With more matching colors available than ever before across other categories (including solar, roller, and pleated), coordinating window treatments in your entire home is easier and increasingly more on trend.

Innovative Applications

With recent events moving us toward shared spaces, multifunctional rooms, and home offices, wide window treatments have taken on new, unexpected purposes—room dividers, closet door applications, and more.

Beyond Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are still the most popular window treatment option for patio doors, but other categories are quickly rising in the ranks, including shutters and solar/roller shades. Learn more about these categories below.

Wide Window Solutions

  • Bali Custom and Natural Draperies not only offer unique style, but are one of the most effective ways to control light and privacy. Their rich, heavy fabrics (particularly when layered with traditional blinds or shades) not only shield rooms from UV rays, but act as great insulators for heat, cold air, and even sound. For a sustainable, wide window solution, Bali Natural Drapes feature earthy fabrics made from renewable materials like jute and grass for a soft, free-flowing way to connect to the outdoors.

    • Maximum Width: 192"
    • Coordinates With: Natural Shades
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