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Blinds for High or Hard to Reach Windows

Easy control within reach.

  • Windows: 1/2" Double Cell Cellular Shades with Motorized Lift: Halo, Garden Stone 1568. Door: 1/2" Double Cell VertiCell Cellular Shades: Halo, Garden Stone 1568

Whether it’s a skylight or a window that’s behind furniture, sometimes window treatments are hard to reach. Here are a couple of ideas.

Solar Shades with Motorized Lift: Feedback 5%, Mineral Point 48308 with Fascia: Black 939


Bali Shades have the easiest solution—motorize them! Raise and lower your hard-to-reach shades with a remote or by integrating them into your smart home solution. It’s simple and convenient.

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3" Sheer Shades with Continuous-Loop Lift: Grafton Glitter, Silver Screen 6163

Continuous-Loop Lift

The looped cord available with shades is another easy option. The looped cord can be pulled from anywhere you can reach it. The cord is never too high to reach or too low.

2" Horizontal Vinyl Blinds with Cord Lift/Wand Tilt and Standard Valance: Foundations Snow 7205 with 1½" Cloth Tapes: Shadow Grey 2178

Cord Lift

For blinds, cord lift is the best option for hard-to-reach windows. Cords are generally 1/3 the length of the window but can be made custom lengths for windows where 1/3 is too high or would land behind furniture. Just make sure to keep corded window treatments out of reach of children.