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Horizontal Blinds

Versatility Meets Functionality

Made of aluminum or textured vinyl, Bali horizontal blinds (also known as mini blinds) are as versatile as they are functional. Horizontal blinds complement modern and traditional styles, fit any homeowner’s budget, and stand the test of time.

With benefits to make life easier and more comfortable, these hard-working window treatments have a lot to offer:

  • Flexible light control. Open these blinds for full sunlight or close them for a little privacy.
  • Easy to clean. With a quick swipe of your duster, these blinds are spotless in seconds.
  • Budget friendly. Horizontal blinds are the best way to get classic charm on a dime.

Choose from two durable materials:

  • Aluminum horizontal blinds. A classic window treatment available in ½", 1", and 2" slats, aluminum horizontal blinds are a great choice for privacy, light control, durability, and ease of operation.
  • Vinyl horizontal blinds. Offering the same great benefits as aluminum horizontal blinds, 2" vinyl horizontal blinds also offer an assortment of up-to-date colors, textures, and patterns.

Have a uniquely shaped window that needs covering? No problem! Custom horizontal blinds can be cut to fit windows of most shapes and sizes, including circles, triangles, arches, and more. And don’t forget that accessories are the best way to make your horizontal blinds stand out—cloth tape adds flair and an additional layer of privacy to 2" slats, while a valance is a great way to cap off a sophisticated style.

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Motorized Tilt

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Budget Friendly

Product Options

Multiple Blinds on One Headrail

  • Y
    Multiple Blinds on One Headrail

    Use multiple blinds on one headrail to accommodate wide windows or patio door that can't be covered by a single window treatment. A single headrail makes installation easier and adds a unified look to up to three independently operable window treatments.

Control Options

  • C
    Cord Tilt with Cord Lift

  • W
    Wand Tilt with Cord Lift

  • F
    Motorized Tilt with Cord Lift

    A programmable remote control, wall switch, or timer tilts slats.

  • O
    Wand Tilt with Cordless Lift

    Safer alternative for families with small children or pets. This streamlined option is ideal for a simple, uncluttered look.


  • S
    Standard Two-slat Valance

    Standard two-slat valance clips easily to the headrail to give your horizontal blinds a more finished appearance. Available on 1" Customiser Aluminum blinds.

  • S
    Standard Valance

    The standard valance adds a touch of sophistication to your horizontal blind while concealing the headrail. Available on 2" Vinyl blinds.

  • B
    Double Valance

    The layered design of the double valance adds an upscale finishing touch to your blinds and conceals the headrail. Available on 2" Vinyl blinds.

  • D
    Deluxe 2" Slat Valance

    Deluxe 2" slat valance clips easily to the headrail to give your horizontal blinds a more finished appearance. Available on 2" Heritage Aluminum blinds.

Privacy Options

  • N
    Standard Route Holes

  • Y
    Hidden Holes

    For maximum privacy and light control, route holes are placed further back on the slats. Closing blinds eliminates light gaps. Available on 1" Lightblocker Aluminum blinds.

  • N

    Our NoHoles™ option on vinyl horizontal blinds eliminates the route holes on each slat so less light slips through. Available on 2" Vinyl blinds.

  • C
    Cloth Tape

    Strips of colorful fabric cover the route holes on each slat, protecting privacy, and allowing less light to slip through. Available on 2" Heritage Aluminum and 2" Vinyl blinds.

Cloth Tape Colors

  • Strips of colorful fabric cover up the route holes on each slat, protect privacy, and allow less light to slip through.

Specialty Shapes

  • Bay or Corner Windows
    Bay or Corner Windows

    Customize your window treatments to fit bay or corner windows. Controls can be placed on either side of the window treatment.

  • Geometric Shapes
    Geometric Shapes

    Customize your window treatment with 21 different shapes, including triangles, octagons, gambrels, arches, A-Frame and many more. Some limitations may apply. Not available on cordless blinds.

  • Cut-outs

    Customize your window treatments for a perfect fit around awkward architectural elements like air conditioners, heat registers, window cranks, and more.

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