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DIY Window Shutters

Made from humidity tolerant composite materials, Bali DIY Shutters fit your home and lifestyle with timeless style and three classic colors.

The well-crafted materials, stylish options, and simple measuring and installation instructions ensure you'll love your shutters from the day they're delivered and for years to come.

Product Features

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Humidity Tolerance

Humidity Tolerance

Well Worth It

Well Worth It

Louver Sizes

The louver size gives your shutter its distinct look and determines how open your view is.

  • 2½" Louvers
    2½" Louvers
  • 3½" Louvers
    3½" Louvers

Control Option


We offer three ways to open and close your shutter's louvers. Choose the one that gives your shutter the look you want with the most convenient light control.

  • Standard Tilt: An easy-to-operate standard tilt bar is color coordinated to your shutter and features a slim, clean design.
  • Hide-A-Tilt™: A control bar, available in two color options, placed on the back of the shutter panel provides a sleek look, a clearer view to the outside, and easier-than-ever louver cleaning.
  • Split Tilt: Divides your shutter into top and bottom portions that can open and close independently, letting in light while maintaining privacy.
  • Standard Tilt
    Standard Tilt
  • Hide-A-Tilt™
  • Split Tilt
    Split Tilt

Panel Configurations

Determine how you would like the shutter panels to open.

  • Single Panel L
    Single Panel L
  • Single Panel R
    Single Panel R
  • 2 Panels LR
    2 Panels LR
  • 2 Panel Bifold LL
    2 Panel Bifold LL
  • 2 Panel Bifold RR
    2 Panel Bifold RR
  • 4 Panel, 2 Bifolds LLRR
    4 Panel, 2 Bifolds LLRR
  • 4 Panel, 1 T-Posts LRTLR
    4 Panel, 1 T-Posts LRTLR

Divider Rail


A divider rail allows the upper and lower half of each shutter panel to operate independently. They're automatically included on especially tall shutters for structural support.

  • Center Divider Rail
    Center Divider Rail
  • No Divider Rail
    No Divider Rail

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