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Interior Window Shutters

Sometimes referred to as plantation shutters, interior shutters have a distinctive, eye-catching look that pairs well with a variety of interior design styles—from traditional to modern. Bali offers two lines of window shutters: DIY Composite Shutters and Premium Shutters.


DIY Composite Shutters

  • Measured, ordered in-store, and installed by you
  • Made with a durable composite material
  • Three popular color choices and two louver sizes
  • Coordinates with Bali Composite Blinds
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Premium Shutters

  • Measured, ordered, and installed by a professional
  • Choose composite material or real wood
  • Multiple color choices and three louver sizes
  • Coordinates with Bali Wood and Composite Blinds
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Create a Look Unique to Your Home

With 40 panel configurations, we are sure to find a style of shutter that best fits your home. Choose from one of our top four configurations for an even easier decision.

  • Single Left

    Single-panel shutter opens to the left.

  • Single Right

    Single-panel shutter opens to the right.

  • Left and Right

    Two single-panel shutters. One opens left and one opens right.

  • Double Left and Right

    Two two-panel bi-fold shutters that open accordion style. One opens left and one opens right.

Let Light In

Whether you want to open your shutters all the way or only partially, divider rails can do it. With a rail splitting the top and bottom halves of the shutter, either half can be opened and closed separately. Or, choose a split tilt—which splits the tilt bar in two—giving you the same functionality but with a unified look.

Coordination Across Styles

Bali's composite and wood shutters share colors with Bali's wood and composite blinds. This allows you to match your window treatments to create a coordinated look.

Creation with Care

We oversee the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished product. This ensures that your shutters are of the highest quality and are delivered to you quickly and on time.


What is the difference between interior and exterior shutters?

While exterior shutters are found on the outside of a home—and are often just decorative—interior shutters (sometimes called plantation shutters) are mounted inside the house and are very much functional, providing light control as well as insulation against the heat and the cold. The sturdy, attractive look of interior shutters never goes out of style.

How do you clean shutters?

Cleaning shutters is simple. Shutters should be dusted regularly with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. A deep clean should be done once a year. Composite shutters can be cleaned annually with a solution of 5% mild soap and water. Rinse with clean water and you’re done. Wood shutters, on the other hand, should not be cleaned with water. Instead, wood shutters should be cleaned with spray polish and a soft cloth.

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How do you install interior shutters?

Shutters are easy to install. There are different frame designs, but the general installation procedure is the same. The process involves assembling the frames, leveling the frames, installing the frames, and then hanging the panels.

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How do I measure my windows for shutters?

Measuring for shutters is simple. Using a steel tape measure, you'll measure the dimensions of the window to the nearest sixteenth of an inch.

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