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Layered Shades - Zebra Shades

Motorized Lift
Well Worth It

Bali layered and zebra shades combine alternating stripes of sheer and semi-opaque or opaque fabric for a modern take on light control and style. These stripes are available in three different sizes, with wider options offering a better view. When open, layered and zebra shades let in softly filtered light, while closed bands offer superior light blocking for a clean, modern look. 

When layered and zebra shades are open and stripes aligned, light gently filters through the sheer fabric. No ladders result in a maximum view, while a cordless lift system provides an even cleaner look.

OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics meet top safety guidelines, while the smallest minimum inside depth mount in the industry (1 3/8") means our shades fit more windows than any other layered and zebra shade. 

Layered and Zebra Shade Product Options

  • Motorized Lift

    Motorized Lift

    Control shades with a remote or a home automation app; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets.
  • EasyTouch Cordless Lift

    EasyTouch Cordless Lift

    Lift and lower even the largest shade to the exact spot you want it—with just the touch of a finger.
  • Continuous-Loop Cord Lift

    Continuous-Loop Cord Lift

    Cord loop raises and lowers the shade; makes adjusting large and hard-to-reach shades easier; safety tensioner prevents loosening of cord.

NEW Layered EasyTouch Cordless Lift

Bali EasyTouch is the most effortless way to control your shades. This lift system delivers smooth, quiet operation and precise placement. Now available on Bali layered shades—it’s hard not to fall in love with the EasyTouch Lift System’s silky-smooth performance. Try the EasyTouch Lift System today to experience the ideal way to adjust your shades.

Explore Bali EasyTouch Lift System→

Visualize Layered and Zebra Shades on Your Windows

Simply upload a photo of your window and start designing—or choose from our sample room scenes—for a pretty realistic way to see how layered and zebra shades might look in your home. 

Bali Visualizer

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