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4 Effortless Ways to Enjoy Fresh Air with Window Treatments

Bali motorized roller shades in a kitchen.
The fresh air in our homes has a lot to do with your windows and window treatments. When we have windows that are easy to open and window treatments that make it easy to access those windows, we are much more likely to take advantage of the thing that would improve air quality for most Americans: opening the window.

Getting better air is just that easy. Research has shown that, for most people in the United States, their indoor air quality is significantly poorer than the air outside their homes. That means opening a window can have huge benefits.

So, why don’t people open their windows more? Inconvenience. It’s just not an easy thing to do. Sometimes windows won’t open. Or, the window treatments either do not work anymore or aren’t ideal for accessing the window sash.

Fortunately, solving those problems is easy. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right window treatment for you and getting your windows to open smoothly.

Getting the Right Window Treatment

The fresh, oxygen-rich air you need is waiting for you just outside your window. So, your first task is to get to the window. And that means navigating the window treatment. Choosing the right window treatment means easier access to that window.

Shades Are the Best Option

Bali classic roman shades in a living room. Shades are the easiest of all window treatments to use. Better yet is a cordless or motorized shade, which can be opened and closed effortlessly.

Solar and Roller Shades

Bali light filtering solar shades in a bedroom.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are among the most durable of all window treatments and come in a range of fabrics so you can choose exactly how much light and privacy you desire.

Roller shades

Roller shades are known for their beautiful fabrics in a huge variety of patterns and colors. Like solar shades, they’re a breeze to use.

The biggest advantage of shades is that they are easy to completely open and close. When they’re open, you have complete access to the window. For a window that’s going to be opened regularly for fresh air, you can’t beat the convenience of shades.

Fabric Drapery Does It Very Well

Bali drapery in a living room. Drapery is easy to open. Using control rods, a set of drapes can be whisked open as quickly as any other window treatment. And that means it’s easy to get to the window sash to open it. There is a very organic feeling to drapery, and there’s a fabric option for nearly every situation. Drapery can also be combined with shades for a highly versatile—and elegant—window treatment.

Shutters Are a Sturdy Solution

Bali wood shutters in a kitchen Shutters from Bali can be a great solution for someone looking to operate their window sashes for fresh air. At first, it might seem that the sturdiness of a shutter would make it a poor choice for accessing the window. But, installed properly, shutters are fully operational, and it’s a cinch to swing them open and operate the window.

Cordless and Motorized Window Treatments

Bali motorized layered shades in a home office. There are two ways to make your access to the air outdoors so easy that you will want to open your window every single day: cordless window treatments and fully motorized window treatments. A gentle lift of the hand or the tap of a button can have your window fully exposed in a matter of seconds. And when it’s that easy to access your window, you’re going to quickly develop a habit of opening it—bringing more fresh air into your household and your life.

The Window Has to Work

Once you’ve gotten your window treatment open, the next step is opening the window. And that, in many homes, is the real issue.

There are many reasons why windows don’t open. In older homes, windows are often painted shut. That paint acts like a strong adhesive and no amount of pulling or pounding will get the window open. The solution is to carefully cut the seams where the window sash meets the frame. A small box cutter or razor will do the trick. Even then, the window might not come free so easily and might require some prying.

The next most common issues are broken tracks, seals, and weatherstripping. The tracks that the window sash travels along are sometimes bent or broken. The same goes for the weatherstripping and seals—if they’re broken, bent, or shifted, they can interfere with the operation of the window. Fix those and you might just end up with a smoothly operating window.

Lastly, window locks and opening mechanisms can be broken. Locks, latches, levers, and cranks can need some repair (it’s often common for a crank-operated window to be missing its crank). Get those mechanisms in working order to get a window that opens and closes with ease.

Your Season of Fresh Air

Bali cordless roller shades in a home office. Make this summer your season of fresh air. Renovate your home’s fresh-air source by buying easy-to-operate window treatments and giving your windows a tune up. You’ll benefit from your efforts by knowing you’re only a windowpane away from a breath of fresh air.