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The Benefits of Top Down Bottom Up Window Shades

Top down bottom up cellular shades in a living room.

Top down/bottom up window shades offer incredibly flexible light control and privacy. They can be lowered from the top AND raised from the bottom. This control option is available with cellular shades, classic Roman shades, and natural shades, just to name a few!

Bali top down bottom-up window shades in a bathroom.

The Benefits of Top Down Bottom Up Shades

Natural Sunlight & an Open View of the Outdoors

Bali top down bottom-up window shades in a home office.

Top down bottom up shades offer more natural sunlight than standard shades. This is because bottom up/top down means shades can be fully raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. You can show so much more of the window if you want to. This helps give clear views and natural light to bring the outdoors in!

Flexible Light Control & Privacy

Bali top down bottom-up window shades in a living room.

As lighting control and privacy needs shift during the day, top down bottom up shades can change, too! Simply lower the top of the shade for privacy with natural light. Raise the bottom of the shade for natural light with less privacy. The options and control are completely up to you!

Sun Glare Control

Bali top-down bottom-up window shades in a living room.

Top down bottom up shades provide unmatched glare control in rooms that serve multiple purposes. Consider them for office spaces where long hours in front of a screen can lead to eye fatigue. They can be adjusted from the top or bottom to control glare on a television screen, computer, or other reflective surfaces at different times during the day.

The option to position shades in the perfect place to maximize glare control is a great feature that is unique to these shades.

Natural Sunlight During the Day, Blackout at Night

Top-down bottom-up shades in a bedroom.

Top down bottom up shades are a great choice for bedrooms and sleeping areas. They can offer bright, natural sunlight during the day and a blackout experience at night.

A Cordless Option for Child & Pet Safety

Bali top down bottom-up window shades in a home office.

When shopping for top down bottom up functionality, there's no better time to also make the move to cordless lift shades. The lack of cords makes for streamlined views and the safest choice for homes with kids and pets. We have both, so we always make choosing the safest option a priority!

The Bottom Line

Top down bottom up shades give you more of what you want and less of what you don’t. You get:

  • More light all day—Because of the flexible design, there are more options for getting light throughout the day.
  • More control—The ability to raise and lower both ends of the shade means you can find exactly the right light and privacy levels.
  • Less glare—Bottom up/top down shades can help you combat screen glare while still bringing in some natural light.

If you’re looking for a shade that gives you a lot of control, these shades are a great choice.