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5 Tips for Social Media Photos of Blinds & Shades

Vinyl horizontal blinds

Your new Bali window treatments looks so good in your home. Now take a great photo to share the new look with your friends and family!

Here are five tips to help you take the best photo of your new blinds and shades!

1. Choose the Best Lighting

Natural light works best for photography. When taking room photos featuring window treatments, wait for a time when there isn’t direct light streaming in through your windows, and turn off the indoor lights.

Depending on your window treatment’s light control, you could be shooting directly at the light source, which can make your photo too light—and mean you aren’t showing off all the high-quality details of your new window treatments.

You’ll have most control of the light if your window treatment is lowered completely. Open the shades you aren’t photographing so the room doesn’t become too dark. Morning or afternoon light is softer than the middle of the day, and will help you avoid harsh shadows.

bali-0727-cellular shades-rs20-v1.tif

2. Set the Stage

The best home decor photography showcases both how the room feels when you walk in and the closeup details that make your design special.

Find the camera spot that shows as much of the space as possible. Remember that vertical angles look best on social media. Then clear out anything that clutters the shot—that means putting away items that don't enhance the photo.

You want the focus to be on the overall look of the room, so don’t let it get bogged down with distracting details.

Points of interest help you manage the placement of your subject.

3. Style Based on the Grid

Now that you’ve cleared out any unnecessary items, take another look. Do your accents draw your eye from the foreground to the background? Have you created a visual grid in the photo?

Adjust your styling to create the most balance in the final photo. Remember you can crop your image to capture just the right vignette, too.


4. Shoot Straight Angles

The best height for shooting interior room photography is about 5 feet. The photo will make the room feel spacious, without distorting the space. Shooting the room and window treatment from straight on, without an angle, will also give you the best results. Selfies are always fun, but a tripod and the timer feature on your camera are another great way to include yourself in the image!

5. Edit & Share

Almost done! You’ve already captured beautiful lighting, so just be sure any filters don’t detract from the photo’s authenticity.

Share your window makeover with friends and family, and tag us at #baliblinds.

We can’t wait to see your look! Explore more decor inspration.