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An Intriguing Idea for a Room Divider

Room dividers are used to provide privacy or to simply divide a space in order to signal a different use or just to provide a transition for aesthetic reasons. People often use room dividers to set apart home offices, sleeping areas, and storage areas.

Traditional room dividers are freestanding. They can easily be moved around, but they also provide limited coverage—they serve as a symbolic separator of spaces rather than a wall. And the hanging room dividers you sometimes see in older homes are big, bulky, and generally unsightly.

That’s why Bali sliding panels are such an intriguing solution to the room divider problem. Sliding panels are extremely light, come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and work flawlessly. They run ceiling to floor and provide excellent privacy and even some sound insulation. And, best of all, like all Bali products, they’re a cinch to install.

So, if you’re looking for a modern-looking room divider or looking to replace an existing room divider, consider a Bali sliding panel. Order your free swatches today.