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The Benefits of Motorized Blinds & Shades

Motorized zebra shades on windows in a home office.

Motorized blinds and shades are a true lifestyle upgrade. At the push of a button, automatically raise, lower, and adjust your shades. No operating cords, no reaching, no pulling, no lifting. Just use your remote control—or your phone or tablet with the optional hub and app. Control all the shades in your entire home at once or program different shades to open and close whenever you choose.

The Benefits

Motorized sheer shades on windows in a living room.

Energy Efficiency

If you don’t adjust your shades, you’re not getting the most out of your windows. You might also be spending more than you need to on heating and cooling.

In addition to luxurious convenience, motorized and automatic blinds can improve energy efficiency: by making opening and closing your shades so simple and easy, you’re more likely to make adjustments to the shades to produce the optimal conditions. That means lower heating and cooling costs—and a more comfortable home.

Person using the Bali motorization app to set a routine and schedule.

Security & Privacy

Motorized blinds and shades can make your home more secure.

Being able to schedule and create routines with your shades to open and close at specified times means that when you’re away, there’s the impression that someone is still home.

And scheduling your shades to automatically close when the sun goes down means that you can be assured of your privacy.

Motorized roller shades on windows in a kitchen.

Child and Pet Safety

Motorized and automatic shades have no dangling cords. That means a safer environment for your children and pets. But the peace of mind doesn’t end there. With the optional hub and app, you can schedule and adjust your shades from anywhere. That gives you greater control over your home environment—wherever you are in the world.

Person holding a phone and using the Bali motorization app while relaxing.


Operating a sophisticated and precise piece of machinery can be quite convenient and enjoyable. Bali motorized smart shades are a pleasure to use. They run smoothly and quietly. And the simplicity of pushing a button and having your shade—or all your shades—gently lift or lower is very satisfying. You need to experience it to believe it.

Person telling Alexa to open Bali motorized shades.

Integrates With Smart Home Systems

Integrating your Bali motorized blinds and shades with your existing smart home system is simple—that’s because Bali’s technology is well designed for integration. Once you’ve connected your shades into the system, they’ll become part of your household’s daily routine.