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The Best Motorized Blinds and Shades for Your Home

Motorized pleated shades on windows in a kitchen.

Motorization is available on most of Bali’s blinds and shades. Whichever option you choose, you’ll enjoy ease and convenience—plus added safety, security, and energy efficiency. If you are wondering how to modernize your home, this is a great place to start.

What Blinds and Shades Can Be Motorized?

When it comes to choosing motorized and automatic blinds for your windows, there are many options.

Motorized roller shades on windows in a living room.

Solar and Roller Shades

These shades offer the simplest design and the smoothest motorized performance—the motor is cleverly hidden inside the roller. Choose Bali Solar Shades for your sunniest windows or where the view to the outdoors is of primary importance. Solar shades come in a range of weaves, each with a different openness level. The more open the weave, the more sunlight enters your home and the more view you have to the outdoors. These shades, with their sleek, modern look and durability, are some of the most popular shades on the market.

Roller shades have the same simple roller design as a solar shade and operate in the same way. They come in a huge variety of opacities (opacity is a measure of how much light passes through the shade), from sheer to blackout. For rooms where privacy and light control are of utmost importance, roller shades are a better option than solar shades. Roller shades have another advantage: fabulous fabrics. Roller shades come in a huge array of beautiful colors, patterns, and textures.

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Motorized pleated shades on windows in a living room.

Cellular and Pleated Shades

At first glance, Bali Cellular Shades and Bali Pleated Shades look quite similar. Both can be motorized, and both have neat, even pleats and operate in the same way. But the cellular shade is made with two layers of fabric that form a honeycomb shape. The honeycomb shape traps air which serves as insulation against heat and cold. This insulation coupled with sophisticated good looks is why motorized cellular shades are hugely popular with homeowners and designers.

Pleated shades share those sophisticated good looks, but do not provide the same level of protection against heat and cold. So, why choose a motorized pleated shade? The fabric. Pleated shades come in a dazzling array of colors and patterns. That’s because the single-layer design of pleated shades can accommodate a huge range of different materials. And pleated shades are versatile: they can be constructed with liners that can improve both privacy and light control.

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Motorized roman shades on a window in a living room.

Roman Shades

Bali offers three different styles of motorized Roman shades: Classic Roman Shades, Tailored Roman Shades, and Natural Shades.

A Roman shade makes a statement. Their three-dimensionality, sturdy good looks, and simple design make them at home in nearly any room. Add motorization and you have what might be the most sophisticated window treatments on the market. And because Roman shades can be quite heavy, motorization is an ideal choice—allowing you to raise your big, beautiful shade automatically with the touch of a button.

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Motorized zebra blinds on a window in a kitchen.

Layered Shades and Sheer Shades

One of the most visually appealing shades on the market are Bali Layered Shades (also known as zebra shades). With their modern look and simple two-layer design, a smart and motorized layered shade can add a fresh touch to your room.

Sheer shades are essentially blinds made with fabric to produce truly elegant window treatments. Motorized layered and sheer shades are a breeze to use.

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Learn more about Bali motorized shades and bring more ease and convenience into your home and your routine.