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Building the Perfect Room for Your Teen

Budget-friendly design tips and tricks to create a space your teen will love.

Sometimes, catering to teenagers feels like a monumental task. As their tastes change and evolve, it can feel like their interests change weekly, daily, or even by the hour. As teens exit childhood and start their journey into adulthood, it’s important for them to have a space they can call their own. With these simple tips, you may find it a bit easier to help your teen change up their room to fit their style—and your budget.

Start With Neutral Furniture

In an effort to keep up with changing trends, choose a neutral base color for large pieces of furniture like bed frames, dressers, and desks. Pick pieces that can adapt as your teen continues to grow. Choose an adult-sized bed and high-quality bed frame you can pass it on to your teen when they move out or continue to use it in your home—perfect for a guest room. Select an adult-sized desk for doing homework and pair it with an adjustable chair so your teen can change the height as they grow. Try adding Bali Wood Blinds to complement neutral tones while still bringing a fun new texture into the space.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Where there are teens, there is usually clutter. Help your teenager keep their room clean by choosing furniture with tons of storage. Try a bedframe with built-in under-the-bed drawers. Desks with extra shelving can create a space to display important mementos and keepsakes. If space permits, consider a few seating options for friends such as beanbag chairs, an ottoman, or even oversized pillows. For rooms without a lot of extra space, consider adding an upholstered bench at the end of your teen’s bed as a seating option. Many bench designs feature additional hidden storage to help keep the clutter under control.

Choosing Wall Colors

Painting can be a gigantic pain; however, it is one of the easiest ways to refresh a space and make something old feel new. If you decide to change up the wall color, have your teen help pick out their favorite color. Guide them towards more neutral or muted options of their preferred color to help create a mature atmosphere while still adding a personal touch. Consider adding coordinating Bali Room Darkening Roller Shades for a cohesive look, easy operation and light control for much-needed teenage sleep.

Budget-Friendly Upgrades

It’s very likely that your teenager’s tastes will change over time. Instead of swapping out large pieces like furniture, try changing smaller pieces like bedding, rugs, and wall décor. Not only is this easier on your wallet, but it helps your teen explore their style and make the space truly unique. You can also rearrange furniture into a new configuration to make the room look and feel different without spending any money at all. For a quick and easy window refresh, try adding Bali Custom Drapery over existing shades for a cozy addition to any bedroom. Try choosing a fabric to compliment the wall color or an existing shade for a timeless touch up. The extra light control is an added bonus to any bedroom.

Order swatches on and start designing the perfect room for your teen!