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Choosing the Best Cellular Shades: A Makeover Story, Part 1

Holding sample of bali cellular shades up against window
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Our friends Amy and Ed purchased their home in Chicago a few short years ago. Since moving in, they’ve made lots of conscious choices to make the home their own and also maximize its energy efficiency. The front of their home features a huge wall of windows, so when it came time to look for new window coverings, cellular shades were a natural fit! Cellular shades from Bali Blinds offer the privacy and energy efficiency they were looking for, and we were excited to help them through the selection and measuring process!

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The Shade with Energy Savings

The honeycomb shape of cellular shades traps hot and cold air from escaping through windows and will help their home to be more energy efficient during extreme Chicago weather. In fact, cellular shades are the most efficient window coverings when compared to other styles! I know they'll love this shade not only for its style but also for its energy savings!

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Quality That Lasts

Bali Cellular Shades feature crush-resistant spunlace fabric that ensures the shades hold up to everyday use. Amy and Ed’s family includes an active three-year-old and a lovable pup named Bruno, so fabric durability was a huge factor in their decision! The high-quality fabric will hold up to daily use to meet the privacy needs of their sweet family, all while helping their home be more efficient.

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Breadth in Style & Function

In Amy and Ed’s case, the unique railing and open front portion of the home has made for challenging operation of their existing roller shades, which was a big factor in deciding to upgrade. To counteract this, they loved the idea of motorized shades that can be operated with the push of a button.

To make operation easy, we decided on inside mount shades with the AutoView motorization option. We also selected the remote that can control up to 12 groups of shades from one device.

Bali Cellular Shades feature an extra large 1 1/4" cell size that is perfect for large windows like Amy and Ed’s!

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Trend-Right Textures & Colors

Bali Cellular Shades come in so many fabric colors, shade options, and control types. This wide variety makes cellular shades a great choice for every decor style, whether you’re looking for something neutral or with contrast. The statement you make is up to you!

Amy and Ed’s aesthetic is a happy blend of contemporary and classic, so it was easy to find a style that fit their home perfectly. We were initially torn between a brighter white or soft gray, but we eventually landed on Halo, Gray Whisper. The soft texture and light gray color of the fabric are the perfect fit for their design preference and would look great in homes of any style.

Did you know that sample swatches from Bali Blinds are always free? The ordering process is incredibly easy and can be started right here. Regardless of style preference, there is certainly an option that is right for any space!

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Easy Measuring

Once we decided on the style and color of fabric, it was time to measure the window openings. With windows as large as these, our laser measuring device came in very handy, but a tape measure would have worked just as well. We were sure to take careful measurements and label each window to avoid confusion when it comes time to install the shades.

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Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Bali Blinds are built for the long haul! They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that offers peace of mind and represents their dedication to making sure you love your new look for years.

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We can’t wait to share the installation and reveal of Amy and Ed’s new cellular shades with you soon! We’re thrilled to be able to help them with cellular shades that will keep their home looking great and maintaining efficiency for years to come.