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Comparing Cellular Shades & Pleated Shades

Which one’s right for you?

Bali Cellular Shades in a stylish room

Made with crisply folded, lightweight fabrics, Bali Cellular Shades and Bali Pleated Shades are versatile window treatments that look great in every room in your home. Plus, both are stunning on their own or layered with drapery. No wonder they’re some of our most popular shades!

Use this comparison guide to choose the shade that’s right for you. (You really can’t go wrong!)

Statistics on energy efficiency gained with Bali Cellular Shades

Energy Efficiency

Bali Cellular Shades are specially designed for energy efficiency. Cellular shades are made in a honeycomb-shaped cell design that traps air, insulating your window and reducing heat transfer by as much as 22% in the winter and 56% in the summer. Bali Cellular Shades are a stylish way to save money on your energy bills year-round.

Even though they don’t have the cells to trap air, Bali Pleated Shades still provide some energy efficiency benefits—especially when you add a light-colored liner to reflect solar rays.

Easy, Versatile Style

Both Bali Cellular Shades and Bali Pleated Shades have crisp horizontal pleats that give them modern lines to add just the right amount of depth and texture to your room. Both have color and pattern assortments curated with industry trend experts.

Bali Pleated Shades have the largest assortment of textures and patterns; collections coordinate well with Bali Drapery.

No matter which product you choose, you’ll easily find a beautiful, on-trend fabric that coordinates with your décor.

Bali Cellular Shades come in 3 cell sizes:

  • 3/8" single cell
  • 3/8" double cell (Choose this for maximum energy efficiency!)
  • 3/4" single cell (We’re loving how this larger cell size looks. Plus, it’s perfect for bigger windows!)

Bali Cellular Shades are also available in the VertiCell™ application, which is a vertical cellular shade product, ideal for patio doors, wide windows, and room dividers.

Bali Pleated Shades come in 3 styles:

  • 1" standard pleat
  • 1" Neat Pleat® (Neat Pleat adds extra support for pleats on the back of your shade, giving your window treatment the longest pleat retention possible.)
  • 2" Neat Pleat (We love this size for larger windows or for a fabric with a larger pattern.)

Light Control

Bali Cellular Shades come in four light control fabric options:

  • sheer
  • light filtering
  • room darkening
  • blackout

If you need complete darkness for your bedroom, kids’ rooms, or media room, then you’ll want cellular shades in a blackout fabric.

Unlike Bali Cellular Shades, Bali Pleated Shades can come lined or unlined. Add a dayliner or midnight liner to your shades for more privacy.

Lift Types

Both Bali Cellular Shades and Bali Pleated Shades are available in every control type you’re looking for. We recommend the Best for Kids cordless and motorized products for their clean, sleek style and improved safety for homes with children and pets. Both products can also be ordered in a bottom up/top down shade, a control option that lets you adjust both the top and bottom of the shade for flexible light and privacy.

Two-in-One Options

Want the most flexible privacy and light control? Order a combination shade, which is one shade that includes a Bali Pleated Shade on top and a Bali Cellular Shade on bottom. It’s a great way to create your own unique shade and get the ultimate light control, like when you want a sunny and glare-free office during the day and more privacy at night.

Or try a sun up/sun down shade and get two Bali Cellular Shades or two Bali Pleated Shades in one!

No matter which one—or two!—you choose, you’ll love the easy versatility of Bali Cellular Shades and Bali Pleated Shades!