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Creating Depth & Layers with Window Treatments

Bali drapery and roller shades in a living room.

Windows not only provide the basic human necessities of light and privacy—they also enable you to inspire emotion and make a personal style statement. And layering window treatments might be the perfect way for you to make that style statement. When you correctly create depth and layers, the result is a window treatment that is distinctive, refined, and elevated.

Layering window treatments refers to using more than one specific type of window treatment on the same window. Often drapery is paired with another type of treatment. There are many benefits to using drapery as one of the layering elements, including insulation during cold winter months and hot summer days. Drapery also allows you to choose precisely how much sunlight and privacy to let into your home, as well as providing visual appeal.

Some of the most popular combinations with drapery include:

Cellular Shades

Bali cellular shades and drapery in a bedroom.

Roman Shades

Bali roman shades and drapery in a living room.

Roller Shades

Bali roller shades and drapery in a living room.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades and drapery in a home office.

Adding drapery to your window treatments gives you the opportunity to play with colors, textures, and patterns that can combine to influence the energy and visual interest of the room. For example:

1. To create a formal look, layer dark-colored fabrics to put the focus on shadows and shapes. Choose the same dark color for both window treatments for a particularly dramatic effect.

2. If you want a soft, elegant look, layering two translucent window treatments creates a third level of filtering where the two window treatments overlap. Combine drapery and cellular shades in a similar opacity to get this result.

3. Blue is often a color associated with the feeling of calm. If you’re looking for a relaxing room, layer similar shades of blue.

The addition of drapery to another window treatment can evoke emotion and make your room radiate style, sophistication, and luxury. The result will be a look that would be impossible to create without layers.