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5 Reasons to Choose Sheer Shades

Looking for the perfect window treatment for your home? There's a good chance you're trying to decide between blinds or shades. These two popular choices can both work with any style of home, and they each have great benefits. Blinds have slats that can be tilted for better light control, while shades are softer and more energy-efficient. It can be a tough choice!

Enter sheer shades. The perfect mix of traditional blinds and shades, sheer shades make it so you don't have to choose. Also called soft blinds, they feature lightweight fabric vanes encased in two layers of delicate, sheer fabric. The vanes can be tilted to let in light or closed for privacy. When the vanes are opened, you get that beautiful, softly filtered light. When tilted or closed, you get the light control and functionality of traditional blinds. It's the best of both worlds!

Here are 5 reasons to choose sheer shades for your home:


1. Style - Sheer shades are sleek, elegant and sophisticated--definitely a step up from basic blinds. No ladders give them a clean look, with maximum aesthetic appeal and clear views. When closed, they look just like a solid fabric shade...and the fabric options are beautiful. From neutrals to muted colors, digitally printed patterns to subtle texture, you're sure to find something that fits your style. Finishing touches and attention to detail are so important in design, so you'll be glad to know that the coordinating fabric-wrapped cassette valance is included at no extra cost.

Pro tip: Bali sheer shades have invisible woven seams, not glued. This is important for maintaining the look of your sheer shades, as glued seams can yellow over time. 


2. Privacy - When you hear the word "sheer," you might think of thin, gauzy fabric that's basically see-through (in other words, not the first thing you'd choose for privacy). But because there are solid fabric vanes enclosed within the sheer layers, sheer shades can actually provide just as much privacy as any shade...while allowing more options for natural light and a view to the outdoors. Bali sheer shades feature a 14mm vane overlap, for increased privacy from all angles when closed.


3. Light control - Like traditional blinds, sheer shades give you a lot of control and flexibility over the level of light you allow into your home. When the vanes are fully open, the sheer fabric allows you to soak up the sunshine, while filtering out glare and providing protection from UV rays. When the vanes are closed, light is blocked so you can sleep in or watch a movie in cozy darkness.

Pro tip: Choose a room darkening fabric for the vanes if light blocking is one of your priorities.

4. Safety - Bali sheer shades are made with fire-retardant, OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics that meet top safety guidelines. In addition, they can be ordered with motorized lift for peace of mind and ease of use.


5. Energy Efficiency - With multiple layers of fabric, sheer shades are a great choice for energy efficiency. Unlike traditional blinds which have gaps between the vanes, soft blinds close tightly with an they are enclosed within additional layers of sheer fabric. This allows them to better insulate your windows, which in turn reduces your energy bills.

Pro tip: Want to reduce your energy bills further? Work with the sun and adjust your vanes accordingly. During winter months, take advantage of the sun's heat by opening up the vanes all the way. In the summer, reduce solar heat gain by closing them up.

Do sheer shades sound like the perfect window solution for your home? If so, the next step is to order swatches! Choose your top five fabrics and get samples shipped to your home for free, so you can get a closer look and compare them to your furnishings in person.