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An Alternative to Vertical Blinds

Vertical cellular shades on patio door in living room

Sliding doors are some of the most challenging "windows" to cover. Vertical blinds are a popular choice, but they might not express your design style as much as you'd like. Don't worry; there are other options out there! One of my favorite alternatives to vertical blinds is Bali VertiCell™ Cellular Shades.

Here are five excellent reasons to choose these vertical cellular shades for your patio doors and wide windows.

1. Maximum energy savings

Bali VertiCell Cellular Shades offer more energy savings than vertical blinds. Their honeycomb-shaped cells trap hot and cold air escaping through windows. In fact, they reduce heat transfer by up to 64%* to save you money on energy bills all year. That means these energy-saving shades will pay for themselves over time!

2. Beautiful colors

VertiCell cellular shades are available in more colors than many vertical blinds. You'll find everything from deep reds to soft blues, and the whole rainbow of stylish colors in between. Order swatches of your favorite colors here!

3. Easy coordination

As someone who lives in an open concept house, I think easy coordination is one of the biggest benefits over vertical blinds. When your dining room is open to your kitchen and living space, you can't just get shades for patio doors without considering what you have in the other rooms. Your entire house needs to flow together.

These vertical cellular shades make it easy to create that flow. They're available in the same sheer, light-filtering, and blackout fabrics as Bali Cellular Shades, so you can coordinate the windows in your whole space. And once you find a fabric you love, you can use it for both your horizontal cellular shades and VertiCell cellular shades.

4. Designed for everyday use

One of the main reasons people choose vertical blinds is their durability. It makes sense because your slide door blinds are going to be opened and closed every day, over and over. The good news is that VertiCell cellular shades are made from premium fabrics that are soft yet durable to hold up to everyday use.

5. Perfect for wide windows

Extra wide windows can also be extra challenging to cover. Vertical blinds or curtains are commonly used, but Bali VertiCell Cellular Shades are a great alternative. They can be made up to 192" wide, so they're perfect for even the widest window!

*Based on product testing by Architectural Testing Incorporated

The Bottom Line

Bali VertiCell™ Cellular Shades are a versatile, durable, attractive solution for any sliding-glass door or wide window in your home. The many color options and ability to coordinate fabrics with your cellular shades makes it easy to achieve a finished look. And, because they can stand up to daily use, Bali VertiCell™ Cellular Shades can function in nearly any active household.

See what fabrics are available—order swatches.