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The Hidden Benefits of Cellular Shades

Bali top down/bottom up cellular shades on windows in a living room.

So, What’s Hiding in Cellular Shades?

Bali cordless cellular shades in a bedroom

¾″ Single Cell Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift: Serenade Light Filtering, Subtle Touch 0723

Air. That’s the simple answer. But let’s take a deeper look into the interior of the cellular shade and see why.

Cellular shades, as the name suggests, are made up of cells—of a sort. Viewed from the side, the pattern of the structure looks like stacked honeycombs. But when we look at the shade from the front or back, it becomes clear that these cells are actually tubes. Open at each end, these tubes are filled with air. And these air-filled tubes become insulation against whatever is trying to get into the room through the windowpane—be it the ice cold of winter or the searing heat of summer.

Bali motorized cellular shades in a living room during the Winter.

1 ¼" Single Cell Cellular Shades with Motorized Lift: Halo, Gray Whisper 0120

A Deeper Look into the Process of Insulation

Heat exchange—the movement of heat from one place to another—is happening all the time. And it is happening all over the outer walls of your home and especially through the windows. The trapped air in the cellular shade sets up a barrier to this heat exchange—slowing it down.

A Graber Cellular Shade can reduce heat transfer by up to 74%. That can have a palpable effect on the comfort of a room. In addition, the same insulating properties that block heat and cold also block some sound. Cellular shades make your room quieter by absorbing sound. So, if you’re looking to create a cozy living room or a quiet relaxation room, cellular shades are the perfect choice.

Bali cordless cellular shades in a living room.

½" Double Cell Cellular Shades with Cordless Lift: Halo, Navy Captain 1551

More Than Just Insulators

So, is insulation why cellular shades are the arguably the most popular shades in the world? Well, it’s one reason, but there are many more. Cellular shades are elegant, easy to use, and can be configured with cordless lift systems and motorized lift systems. They’re quite easy to clean (just vacuum with your upholstery attachment once in a while). They’re beautiful and durable and available in a range of colors and opacities, from sheer to blackout.

So, the most amazing thing hidden within the cellular shade? The fact that it’s the perfect shade.