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Top Choices for Kitchen Window Blinds

Bali Tailored Roman Shades on windows in a modern kitchen.

Understanding how to choose proper window treatments for your kitchen can seem like a scary task. The abundance of mixed or inaccurate information on the web can make you feel overwhelmed if you don’t really know what you should be looking for.

It’s important you feel confident in your ability to choose the proper window treatments for your kitchen. We will cover the process of choosing window treatments and the many benefits blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery can provide for your home.

Top Choices for Kitchen Window Blinds

Composite Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds in a kitchen on windows.

Bali Composite and Faux Wood Blinds are designed to look like wood, offering timeless beauty on a budget. Besides being affordable and resistant to humidity—making them ideal for any kitchen—faux-wood and composite blinds can add a distinctive character to any room. Light colors add cheerful charm to a kitchen or living room, while dark colors create a thoughtful atmosphere for a study or den. The high-quality construction of faux wood and composite blinds means you’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades on kitchen windows.

Bali Cellular Shades feature soft, spunlace, crush-resistant fabrics folded into honeycomb-shaped cells. The honeycomb shape protects against heat and cold, saving you money on energy bills all year long. Bali Cellular Shades reduce heat transfer by up to 74%! And the crisp lines of cellular shades add a soft dimension to any room.

Layered/Zebra Shades

Zebra shades on windows in a kitchen.

Bali Layered Shades can also work in the kitchen. Sometimes referred to as mezzanine or zebra shades, they present a bold look. These shades combine alternating strides of sheer and semi-opaque or opaque fabric for a modern take on light control. The stripes are available in three different sizes, with wider options offering a better view. When open, the translucent stripes diffuse light and protect your interior from harmful UV rays. When closed, the opaque bands of fabric overlap to block light more completely, enhancing privacy. The stripes are available in three different sizes, with wider options offering a better view.

Roller Shades & Solar Shades

Roller shades on windows in a kitchen.

Our classically clean roller shades are made with inspiring fabrics for every décor. With our widest selection of designer fabrics and light-control options, Bali Custom Roller Shades are one of Bali’s most versatile window-treatment options—from subtle to bold, backdrop to showstopper. Bali’s fabrics include designer patterns and colors that coordinate with every style. And Bali Roller Shades can put your kitchen in the perfect light: you choose the opacity depending on the light and privacy needs of your room, whether sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening, or blackout.

Solar shades on windows in a kitchen.

Finding the right balance in life is key, and that includes how much sun to let into your kitchen. Bali Solar Shades offer UV protection to shield your tables, chairs, and cabinetry from glare and sun damage without blocking your view, making solar shades a good choice for today’s kitchen, as well as the home office, playroom, and entertainment room. In addition, you’ll enjoy less glare on your TV and computer screens. Bali’s Solar Shades provide great views due to their uniquely engineered see-through design that brings the outdoors into your kitchen all day. Solar shades come in a variety of openness levels. Openness is the percentage of light the fabric allows into your home. Dark fabrics with high openness percentages offer the best views. Light fabrics with low openness offer the most protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays.

Composite Shutters

Composite Shutters on windows in a kitchen.

Bali DIY Composite Shutters are made from humidity-tolerant, composite materials. Shutters add value to your home and convey a sturdy, effortless style in your kitchen. Easy to measure and install, these well-crafted window treatments are available in a variety of configurations and three classic colors for a timeless style.

Natural Shades

Natural shades in a kitchen.

Bali’s Natural Shades bring the outdoors into your kitchen for a uniquely natural look. Made with renewable materials like grass, jute, bamboo, and American hardwoods, these shades feature organic details like mineral marks, knots, and other uneven patterns, making every natural shade a one-of-a-kind piece of art. You have the option to choose natural and bamboo shades for their perfectly imperfect design variations. The shades are available in a full palette of nature-inspired, authentic colors, and textures. Each unique, handwoven fabric in Bali’s assortment is tested to stand up to heat and humidity.

Roman Shades

Classic Roman Shades in a kitchen.

Bali Roman Shades are sophisticated in their simplicity and are available in three types: classic, tailored, and natural. While similar, there are some important differences between them.

    1. Classic Roman Shades are streamlined, simple, and dependable.
    2. Tailored Roman Shades are soft, hand-sewn, designer shades.
    3. Natural Roman Shades are nature-inspired works of art.

The Roman shade design is at home in nearly any kitchen. A classic Roman shade works well in sunny windows where complete privacy is not a necessity. Tailored Roman shades can be made to match drapery fabrics, making them an excellent option when you’re trying to visually connect multiple windows—just be sure to keep tailored Roman shades away from sinks and stoves. And natural Roman shades add a touch of organic beauty to a kitchen and work in the same places that tailored Roman shades excel.

To learn more about the different types of roman shades, read our comprehensive guide.

Sheer Shades

Cordless sheer shades on windows in a kitchen.

Bali Sheer Shades are soft blinds that combine the gentle, light-filtering attributes of fabric shades with the reliable light control and functionality of traditional blinds. When sheer shades are open, they let in softly filtered light. When the sheer shades are closed, the light coming in is more diffused. Bali’s Custom-Crafted Sheer Shades also feature lightweight fabric vanes that are woven between two layers of sheer fabric for invisible seams that won’t change over time. Sheer shades—like tailored Roman shades and drapery—should not be installed next to stoves, dishwashers, or sinks.

Now that you have seen the top blinds to choose from for your kitchen windows, we’re going to look at the primary factors to consider.

Important Considerations When Choosing Blinds for Kitchen Windows

Window Location

Location matters when it comes to kitchen window treatments for a variety of reasons. Location impacts energy efficiency: during the changing seasons, the placement of a window treatment can impact the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home. It’s also important to understand that some treatments aren’t going to do well in high-spill areas or close to water, so choosing the proper location will influence the treatment’s durability. The location also impacts how connected you feel to the outside. By choosing the correct window treatments, you can feel connected to the outside while staying nice and cozy inside.


Another thing to consider when it comes to choosing your kitchen window treatments is durability. Some treatments do not do well with constant movement or shifting about, while others are more tailored to active movement. For places where there will be a lot of wear and tear on the window treatment, blinds or shutters might be a good solution.

Privacy & Light Control

Bali window treatments are designed to complement and elevate the décor in a room. However, their primary goal is privacy and light control. Some prefer more natural light while others don’t want any. Having the ability to control light can impact the temperature in the room and protect your flooring or furniture. This is why Bali has created window treatments that have different opacities, so you can diffuse the light coming in or block it out altogether.

Automation and Motorization

Motorization adds ease of use and allows you to program your shades to simplify your life. Bali Smart Motorized Shades offer a simple, seamless solution that’s easy to control and install. A safe, cordless option for homes with children or pets, motorized shades are also convenient for kids’ rooms and movie nights, and a necessity for opening hard-to-reach shades. In the kitchen, motorization is ideal, keeping greasy or frosting-covered hands from having to touch your clean shades.


Bali offers many different style preferences, such as a modern farmhouse with sheer drapes, or ultra-modern with sheer shades. Bali has designed their window treatments to specifically meet today’s preferences and fulfill your vision.

3 Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing Blinds and Shades for Your Kitchen

1. What are the best blinds for kitchens?

Bali’s Faux Wood and Composite Blinds are perfect for kitchens. They are designed with moisture resistance in mind, and have the highest levels of heat resistance.

2. What blinds are best for kitchen windows over the sink?

Bali’s composite shutters are a great choice. Bali composite shutters come in double-hung style, a popular option to put over sinks in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. How often should you clean your blinds in the kitchen?

A small amount of attention can keep your blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery looking good as new. You should clean your kitchen window treatments once every month or quarter and then plan on doing a deep clean once every year.

The Bottom Line

Bali has so much to offer when it comes to choosing window treatments for your kitchen—and there are endless possibilities when it comes to your creativity and imagination. With Bali, you are in charge, and you can channel all your creativity into choosing the perfect window treatments. But remember that you are not alone! There are excellent how-to tutorial videos and abundant information at—plus, free swatches are available. Order your swatches today!