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Let the Sunshine In With These Blinds and Shades

Bali drapery and sheer shades in a living room.
If you’re someone who would like a little more sunshine in your life, the type of window treatments you install has a huge effect on the amount and quality of sunlight that comes into your home. Luckily, navigating the options is easy. Here are some helpful tips.

Light Unhindered!

Bali light filtering roller shades in a bathroom.

Solar Shades and Roller Shades

For those looking to invite daylight directly into the room, any easy option is a cordless roller shade or solar shade that can be opened with quick lift of the hand. These simple window treatments can bring light into the room in nearly an instant (and a motorized shade can do this even more easily).

Fabric Drapery and Curtains

Traditional fabric drapery can also bring you light in the blink of an eye. Just fling open the drapes to reveal a glorious summer day! Or, if you’d rather, gently slide the curtains open with the convenient control wand. Either way, the result is the same: an uncovered pane of glass bringing in copious amounts of light.

Let There Be Light! (Just Not All of It)

But what if you’re not so interested in a full dose of sun? Never fear. Regulating light is one of the primary jobs of any window treatment. We’ve talked about how opening a shade can let in the light. But, a fully closed solar shade with an open weave can bring in a huge amount of light while at the same time providing some level of UV protection and even a small degree of privacy.


Bali faux wood blinds in a kitchen. Blinds are another option for bringing in sunshine but still maintaining some light control. Options for blinds include vinyl, aluminum, wood, and faux wood. The materials are different, but the function is always the same: an infinite range of light control by adjusting the louvers.

Two other options related to blinds are layered shades and sheer shades. Each of these options have a unique look that make them worth considering.

Layered shades

Bali layered shades in a living room. Layered shades utilize a distinctive design that overlays two sheets of striped fabric so that they can be adjusted to control light and privacy.

Sheer shades

Bali sheer shades in a living room. Sheer shades are better described as fabric blinds and can give a softer look than traditional blinds. Both options are worth considering if you’re looking to control the light but still maintain some view to the outdoors.

A Soft Glow

Bali cellular shades in a home office.

Cellular Shades

A light-filtering cellular shade takes away the view but provides soft light with excellent privacy. Cellular shades are the most popular window treatment today. For those looking for some view of the outdoors, a sheer cellular shade can give you a fairly good view during the day. Sunlight through a sheer or light-filtering cellular shade creates a particularly pleasant glow that no other window treatment can.

Protecting Against UV Rays and Heat

Enjoying the sun doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up UV protection and heat reduction. Options like solar shades, blinds, sheer drapery, and cellular shades can all reduce heat and UV rays while bringing in some light. And for those who choose to open the drapery completely or roll the shades all the way up, there’s a solution for UV rays and heat: close the shades when you’re done enjoying the sun. Bali motorized natural shades in a kitchen. That seems obvious, but often we get busy or distracted and forget to adjust our window treatments to the optimal setting. And that makes sense—we all have a whole lot of other things to think about. If it was just a little easier—or automatic—most of us would have no problem making those adjustments. Luckily, there’s a solution for this: motorization.

Motorized Shades

Bali motorization app on phone. Motorized shades are a breeze to open and close. Just hit a button and your shades go up or down. And when a procedure is made this easy, you’re much more likely to do it. And this has tremendous advantages. Controlling your window treatments (and the light coming into your home) can give you the sunshine you need when you want it—and then shut it out when you want to maximize protection from heat and UV rays. You’ll find that when you have such easy and convenient control, you’re going to take advantage of it.

Start paying attention to the sun and choose window treatments that fit your needs. You’ll find that with the right window treatment, you’re going to want to make sunshine a bigger part of your life.