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Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

Bali cellular shades in a living room.

Living rooms are multi-purpose rooms. They’re used for everything from hosting celebrations to enjoying evenings of solitary relaxation with a good book. That’s what makes a living room special—its dual public and private roles. And those dual roles are the first things to remember when picking out window treatments for your living room: it’s your living room—but other people are going to see it.

In other words, your living room is going to make a statement about you.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the wide variety of window treatments and what kind of design statements they make. We’ll quickly consider some important factors for selecting window treatments—location, durability, safety, and, most importantly, privacy and light control. And we’ll go through all the options, paying careful attention to what types of looks are possible with each window-treatment category.

What to Consider for Living Room Window Treatments

When it comes to decorating your windows, the options are endless. Modern farmhouse? Take a look at sheer drapery. Going for a truly modern look? Check out sleek and minimalist solar or roller shades. Interested in creating a traditional look for your living room? Try room-darkening drapery in a luxurious fabric or wood shutters in a dark finish. Or, better yet, create your own aesthetic and select colors, fabrics, and window-treatment designs that give full expression to your unique tastes and point of view. Bali has something for everyone—there really is no limit to how you express yourself!

Window Location

Patterned pleated shades in a living room.

A window’s location affects which types of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery will work for it. There are two factors to consider:

1. Where in the room is the window located?

2. What does the window overlook?

The first factor—the window’s location in the room—has a bearing on what type of privacy you demand from that window, the level of light control you’ll need, and how prominently you should feature it in the overall design scheme of the room. Windows that reveal the room to passersby and passing cars will need something that cuts down on the view to the inside—Bali Cellular Shades work well for this. South-facing windows need strong light control—a great choice here would be a solar or roller shade. And windows that are located where there will be a lot of foot traffic—and arms and elbows brushing up against the window treatment—sturdy blinds and shutters would work better than drapery.

The other factor in window location relates to what type of view can be seen through the window. A beautiful mountain range needs a window treatment that fully opens to reveal the breathtaking view—a solar or roller shade, for example, would work beautifully in this situation. Conversely, if a window overlooks a busy sidewalk or road, you might want to consider something that provides some level of privacy at all times—such as blinds or shutters.


A home occupied by a single, mild-mannered adult can have any type of window treatment that’s available. But a home occupied by three out-of-control kids ranging from infant to toddler might not be well served by white curtains. That said, Bali’s window treatments are made from some of the toughest fabrics and materials in the world. You should have no trouble finding something to hold up to your household’s unique routine.

Safety for Children and Pets

Bali makes cordless and motorized shades and blinds of every kind. Almost every type of window treatment is available with one of these easy-to-use lift systems. That means it’s easy to create a safer environment for your children and pets.

Cordless shades let you lift and lower the shades manually with minimal effort. And motorized shades let you control your window treatment with the touch of a button or the tap of the screen of a phone or tablet. Cordless and motorized shades aren’t just safer—they’re easier to use and more convenient.

Privacy and Light Control

Providing privacy and controlling light are the two most important things that window treatments do. All of Bali’s blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes do those jobs, but some of them really excel in a particular area—for example, a cellular shade in a blackout fabric does an amazing job darkening a room but a cellular shade in a sheer fabric will bring in lots of light. A sheer drapery doesn’t block light, but the soft glow it creates and its elegant folds are what make it special. Pairing that sheer drapery with a room-darkening drapery would give you the full range of light control. Every type of window treatment has its strengths. Learn more about privacy and light control.


Your living room is your message to the world about who you are. Use it as an opportunity to choose colors and décor that mean something to you—or at least you enjoy. The following window treatments each have a certain look that expresses a particular mood or attitude. With so many options, you’re likely to find several different window treatments that work for your living room.

Window treatments For Living Rooms

Cellular Shades

Cordless light filtering cellular shades in a living room.

If there’s a shade that works in nearly every living room, it’s the cellular shade. Bali Cellular Shades come in a huge variety of opacities, from sheer to blackout. No matter where your window is located in the room and what your light-control needs are, there’s probably a cellular shade that will work for your window.

Cellular shades pair well with traditional drapery. By combining the two types of window treatments, you can achieve a sophisticated look that elevates the entire room’s décor. When considering living-room window treatments, it would be wise to start with cellular shades.

Layered Shades

Motorized layered shades in a living room.

Bali Layered Shades—sometimes called zebra shades—are made up of two layers of fabric with alternating opaque and sheer stripes. Aligning these stripes gives you a view to the outdoors through the sheer stripes, but alternating the stripes gives you light control and privacy.

Zebra shades are unique. You can adjust them in a snap for instant privacy. And they’re bold. They present striped design that can be quite striking in a living room. This strong style statement works well with modern décor and can help to create contrast with any curved elements in the design scheme.

Solar and Roller Shades

Cordless roller shade in living room.

Bali Solar Shades are renowned for their ability to provide protection against the sun while still maintaining a view to the outdoors. This unique combination comes from the open weave of the solar fabrics. A 10% openness level provides some sun protection with the most view to the outdoors. A 3% openness level gives you greater sun protection for your living room while still providing some view. And, when you’re ready for a full view, opening a solar shade is as easy as it gets.

Bali Roller Shades have the same simple operation as a solar shade but come in a far wider variety of fabrics ranging from sheer to blackout. It’s this huge range of fabrics that make these shades so popular—the range of colors, patterns, and textures gives you the ability to create everything from a formal living room in subdued tones to a boldly designed, light-hearted space for entertaining.


White wood shutters in a living room.

One of the oldest and most practical of all window treatments in the shutter. Bali Premium Wood Shutters can transform an ordinary living room into a showcase of sophisticated style. Shutters are not simply a window treatment—they become a true part of the architecture of the room. Easy to operate (one tilt of the louvers is all it takes) and sturdier than just about any type of window treatment available, shutters are a true investment in your home. And for living rooms where there might be moisture issues around the windows, composite versions of Bali Premium Shutters and Bali DIY Shutters offer attractive solutions made with humidity-tolerant materials.

Natural Shades

Cordless Natural Shades in a living room.

Bali Natural Shades are magical: subtle grains and textures present the fingerprint of nature’s beauty. Choose from natural shades made with jute, bamboo, rattan, wood, and grasses for a texture and tone that complements nearly any décor. For added privacy and light control, there are liners available that will give you exactly what you need for your living room.

Roman Shades

Cordless roman shades in a living room.

Bali Classic Roman Shades are just that: a classic design that is easy to use and looks beautiful in nearly any living room. Although its sleek design is ancient, a classic Roman shade is most at-home in a modern design scheme.

The Bali Tailored Roman Shade is quite similar to its classic cousin, but is available in an array of fabrics: just about any fabric that can be made into a Bali Custom Drapery can be used to make Bali Tailored Roman Shades. Whatever design goals you have for your living room, a tailored Roman shade can help make it happen.

Sheer Shades

Cordless sheer shades in a living room.

Bali Sheer Shades are essentially fabric blinds. But the similarity with blinds stops there. The soft light that filters through a sheer shade is exquisite. If you’re trying to achieve a living room design that is gentle and warm, the sheer shade is an outstanding choice.

Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds in a living room.

Add a touch of formality to your living room with Bali Premium Wood Blinds in a dark finish. Or choose a wood blind or Bali Faux Wood Blind in a lighter finish for a more cheerful tone. The horizontal lines of blinds and their excellent light-control capabilities have made them a perennial favorite with designers and homeowners.


Drapery in a living room.

Bali Custom Drapery is perhaps the ultimate living-room window treatment. Not only can a beautiful set of drapes convey your personal style, they’re easy to use, surprisingly durable, and provide a huge range of light-control levels. Nothing is easier than pulling open the drapes to reveal a bright sunny morning.

Drapery is popular for a reason: it really does it all. Plus, drapery presents more fabrics and design options than any other type of window treatment. And for a touch of natural color and texture, consider Bali Natural Drapery—which pairs perfectly with Bali Natural Shades.

Layering: Turning Windows into Masterpieces

Natural shades and drapery in a living room.

Bali Custom Drapery pairs perfectly with shades, blinds, and shutters to create fascinating layers and folds—turning your living-room window into a showpiece. Favorite layering options include the combination of drapery with shades—the fabric of the drapery covers the light gaps along the edges of the shades to provide excellent privacy and light control. Or you could pair sheer drapery with a set of wood blinds for added light-control options. Pairing tailored Roman shades with drapery in a matching fabric produces a sophisticated and luxurious look that takes your living room to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions about Living Room Window Treatments

What are the most popular window treatments for living rooms?

Every type of blind, shade, shutter, or drapery can be configured to work in a living room. But, if you’re having trouble getting started, look first to Bali Cellular Shades. They are the most popular window treatment for living rooms and have insulating properties that will make your living room cozier—and they look great. The next window treatment to look at would be drapery. The amazing range of fabric options means you will have no trouble finding the perfect color or pattern for your living room. For the ultimate window treatment solution, pair your cellular shade with drapery for a truly finished look and maximum light control and privacy.

How do you cover a large living room window?

When deciding how to cover large, living-room windows, you need to consider if you want to preserve a view to the outdoors or to maximize your privacy and light control—or something in between. A large window that overlooks a lake should be covered with something that allows you to fully enjoy the view. Roller and solar shades give you a perfectly clear view with just one easy lift and would be excellent choices in this situation. But, if you’re interested in gathering light while still maintaining some level of privacy, sheer drapery, wood blinds, or sheer shades would work quite well.

Large windows present an opportunity to really showcase your personal style. Whatever type of window treatment you choose, keep in mind that this large window will probably be the focal point of the room. To maximize this design opportunity, consider layering custom drapery over whatever window treatment you put on the window. There are hundreds of fabric options—which means you should be able to find the perfect fabric to express your own unique style.

What living room window treatments increase home value?

The simplest answer is that any well selected window treatment will make your home look stylish and attractive—and that will make it more appealing to prospective buyers. If your home looks beautiful, it will have the best chance of fetching the price you want!

But, in terms of increasing the actual value of the home, nothing beats Bali Premium Wood Shutters. Shutters are classic and their sturdy construction makes them the most durable window treatment available. And once installed, shutters become part of the home—adding to its value and making it more appealing to discerning buyers.

The Bottom Line

There’s a Bali window treatment for every window in your living room. To get the look you want, you need to think about what overall impression you’re going for and then simply dive into the options until you find what makes you happy. There are other details, such as light control and privacy, durability and safety—but once you know what visual effect you’re going for, there are countless options for achieving that look and giving you all the practical things you need from that window treatment.

Picking out and installing your window treatments should be the most satisfying part of decorating your living room! Figure out what you like, install it, and get ready to be wowed by your creation.