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Motorized Shades for Convenience and Style

Motorized shades are an incredibly convenient way to add a high-tech touch to any home. Whether you’re seeking convenience, privacy, or even a bit of a ‘wow’ factor, Bali offers motorized shades in dozens of styles and fabric options for any taste. With remote-controlled shades for windows, raising or lowering window coverings is as simple as pressing a button. Better yet, Bali’s motorized shades can be integrated into your smart home system!

Mobile interface controlling motorized blinds

Easy Solutions for Any Application

Bali offers simple motorized solutions for that one hard-to-reach window or for an entire home! We recently helped our friends Amy and Ed to outfit the massive bank of windows at the front of their home with motorized shades that can be opened in unison or individually with the touch of one button. 

The unique layout of Amy and Ed’s home made their old corded blinds a chore to lower and raise. These inconvenient controls kept them from raising the blinds, which then blocked the great natural light that they receive. Now that the upgrade to cellular motorized shades is complete, they’ve found themselves raising and lowering the shades throughout the day to meet their privacy and natural light needs. Like us, Amy and Ed love the convenience of their Bali AutoView Premium Remote that allows them to control up to 24 shades from one device! 

Motorized blinds in a children's playroom
Smart Home Integration

Controlling motorized shades from a remote is quite high-tech, but controlling motorized shades with your voice is like living in the future! Using a Wink Hub 2 as our command center and an Echo dot as our microphone, we’ve integrated all of the motorized shades in our home, like the Roman shades in our bedroom and solar shades in our home office. 

We’ve also established shortcuts in the Wink app that allow us to say things like "Alexa, trigger evening." This command lowers all of the motorized shades in our home as programmed. It also turns on all of our outdoor lights and dims our interior lights to specified levels. Integrating our motorized shades from Bali has simplified our life in a huge way!

Motorized Shades Are Easy to Shop For

With a number of motorization and remote control options, as well as countless styles and fabrics to choose from, it could be easy to be overwhelmed by choices! However, Bali has simplified the decision-making process by consolidating choices into 4 easy steps on the motorization page of

  1. Select your shade. Motorized lift is available with all Bali shades.
  2. Select your power source. Choose either battery power or a plug-in option. 
  3. Choose your remote. All remotes are pre-programmed to operate your shades right out of the box! 
  4. Place your order either online or at your favorite retailer.
Motorized blinds in a bedroom

Ordering motorized shades is that simple! Remember, Bali swatches are always free, so there’s no second-guessing on the right fabric or liner for your specific application.