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See Blinds & Shades on Your Windows—Before You Buy Them

Bali visualizer.
What if you could see blinds, shades, and more on your windows before you ordered them? You can.

The Bali Visualizer lets you preview your blinds and shades on the windows in your own home as well as sample rooms. Visualizer is a tool that lets you discover the blinds and shades you want and gives you an accurate idea of how the window treatments look on your windows before you order them!

Bali visualizer. To start, click “Room In My House” to upload a photo of a room in your own home to see what different blinds and shades look like on your own windows. You can also click “Sample Rooms” for a general idea what different styles and colors of window treatments look like.

Once you’ve selected a sample room or uploaded a picture of a room in your own home, follow the steps to select the type of shade, colors, and options. You’ll quickly learn which window treatments and colors resonate with you.

Try it out!

Bali visualizer.

Play With Color and Design: Let Visualizer Help You Discover the Possibilities

So, you’re thinking about solar shades. Great—with their durability and sleek good looks, they’re a fantastic option.

Simply upload a picture of your room, select solar shades, then try out a dozen different colors and fabrics. Okay, so you decide that you prefer Bali Solar Shades in Calcite with a 10% openness (because you want to maintain your amazing view outdoors, even when the shade is down).

Done? Well, this is actually a great opportunity to check out other options—like modern-looking Bali Layered Shades or elegant Bali Sheer Shades. Or maybe a Bali Classic Roman Shade. This is your chance to see what possibilities are out there.

Try a range of styles, colors, and options. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can decorate a window.

Try it out!

Bali visualizer.

A Very Helpful Feature

Maybe the most convenient aspect of Bali Visualizer is the Product Sheet that is generated when you’ve found the configuration that’s right for you.

The Product Sheet has everything you need to order with confidence from one of our retail partners. It’s an extremely helpful feature that makes buying your blinds and shades easy.

Don’t wonder what a new set of window treatments would look like in your home—see it now with Bali Visualizer.