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Who Should Get Motorized Blinds and Shades?

Person controlling motorized sheer shades on their phone.

When ordering shades from one of our retail partners, you’ll see that motorization and automation is an extra cost.

For most people, cost is a significant factor when making a buying decision. In this article, we’ll run through who is a good fit for smart shades so you can make an informed decision.

Motorized roman shades on windows in a kitchen.

You Want the Best Shades Available

Are you someone who wants the best, no matter what? Do you want to impress your guests and neighbors? Then go with motorization and automation. You’ll have shades that will blend seamlessly into your household routine. You will be able to raise and lower them at the touch of a button or using your phone. With the optional hub and app, you can set schedules or operate your shades from anywhere in your home—or anywhere on the planet. Plus, installation is straightforward and quite simple. These shades are the best. If you want the best, order motorized.

Somfy smart home system paired with motorized blinds and shades.” width=

You Have an Existing Smart Home System

Bali motorized shades have been designed to integrate with more than a dozen smart home systems. That means you can control your shades along with all the other appliances and devices you’ve already integrated into your home. Gaining full control of your shades through a smart home system gives you the ability to control your home environment in ways that lead to an amazing level of comfort. So if you’re into home automation, your shades are actually the place to start.

Motorized zebra shades on windows in a living room.

You Hate Opening, Closing, and Adjusting Your Shades

Many people leave their shades as they are—all the time, regardless of the conditions outside. More often than not, this is because their window treatments are hard to adjust or just plain unpleasant to operate. Sticky mechanisms, tangled cords, heavy shades or blinds, or just plain broken window treatments are all culprits. Motorization will not only make your shades easy to raise and lower, but it will also make it a pleasure to do so. It’s no exaggeration—it’s hard not to feel satisfied as you operate your shades at the push of a button. You can position your shades exactly where you want them. So, if you have always hated opening and closing your shades, motorization will cure that.

Person controlling shades on their phone with the Bali motorization app.

If You Are Simplifying Your Life

Buying a high-tech window treatment system might seem like a strange way to simplify your life, but motorized blinds and shades are an easy way to streamline your routine. One ultra-simple system would be a set of shades in a room all operated by a single remote or smart phone—easy up and easy down whenever you choose to push a button. But the more complex system—a smart home integration with the optional hub and app—would let you program your shades to a set schedule so that you never had to think of your shades again. If you’re looking to simplify or streamline your life, motorized shades might be right for you.

Helpful Tip: You Can’t Retrofit Shades With Motors & Automation Later

Motorization involves intricate customization of the shade and cannot be added on later. So, if you were thinking about ordering motorized shades and had the idea that you could just add it later—that’s not an option.

Other Reasons That Help You Know Motorized Blinds & Shades Are The Right Choice

Having hard-to-reach or large windows is another indicator motorization would be a good choice (motorization makes opening and closing the shades on these windows virtually effortless). Motorization also works well in situations where you have children and pets (no cords create a safer home environment) or family members with physical limitations. And the best reason of all is that motorized blinds and shades let you get the most out of your windows and window treatments. Windows are generally the only source of natural light in your home. Natural light and outdoor views are things to be enjoyed—and the right window treatments and lift systems allow you to enjoy them properly.

Learn more about Bali’s motorization options or order your shades now at one of our retail partners.