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Why Natural Woven Shades Fit Every Room

Natural woven shades on a window in a living room.

First, What Are Natural Woven Shades?

Natural Woven Shades, also known as bamboo shades or woven woods, are arguably the most beautiful of all window treatments. Made with wood, bamboo, grasses, jute, and rattan, natural shades capture the visual richness of nature and bring it into your home.

Bali natural woven shades in a bedroom.

Made With Sustainable Fabrics

Every natural fabric is made from materials that are hand-harvested and sustainable. And because these are natural materials, they all vary slightly from batch to batch. That means every shade is a little different, making each finished window treatment a unique work of art. See some of the gorgeous natural fabrics available from Bali.

Bali yellow natural woven shades in a living room.

Natural Woven Shades Come in a Wide Range of Colors

One thing you’ll notice when you see Bali's natural shade fabric collection is the full range from light to dark. You’ll also notice the diversity of color. There isn’t the plain tan palette that you might expect, but rather a mix of subdued and neutral tones, including blue, green, and reddish hues.

This wide selection of colors and fabrics makes it possible to decorate an entire home in natural shades. Bali interior design experts have selected natural materials and colors so that there is a fabric to complement nearly any décor or color scheme.

How Natural Woven Shades Could Look in Your Different Rooms

Bali natural woven shades in a living room.

In the Living Room

A warmly colored living room could be hung with “Wild Rice Shimmer” fabric natural shades from Bali’s Blended Grain collection.

Bali natural woven shades in a living room facing a garden.

In the Patio Room

Windows facing the garden in a patio room could be decorated with the jaunty “Honeynut Cream” natural shades from Bali’s Lagoon collection.

Bali natural woven shades in a kitchen.

In the Kitchen

A bank of kitchen windows could be adorned with natural shades using the “Sea Glass” fabric from Bali’s Rugged Flax collection.

Bali natural woven shades in a bedroom.

In the Bedroom

Bedroom windows could be decorated with “Wet Sand” natural shades from Bali’s Divan collection.

To see more, visit our inspirational gallery and select natural woven shades

 Bali natural woven shades in a living room.

Add Liners to Natural Woven Shades for Privacy & Light Control

One of the reasons why natural woven shades are so versatile is that they can be constructed with liners. Many people choose to add a liner to their natural shade to increase privacy and light control. Choose from a privacy liner or a room-darkening liner. Liners have an additional benefit of increasing the insulating power of your window treatment.

If you’re thinking of changing the window treatment in part of your home—or your entire home—consider natural shades. Natural materials used throughout your home can create a real sense of harmony. And an added benefit is knowing that you’re using sustainable materials—woods, grasses, and other natural fibers that can be grown and regrown.