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Wood Shutter vs. Composite Shutter: Which One Is Right for You?

Shutters in a living room

Are you considering shutters for your home? Or maybe you already have them? An interior wood shutter or composite shutter is a timeless and classic way to add privacy and a distinct, custom detail to any area of your home. Shutters offer a look that is elegant and high end, no matter what style you love. Whether you choose wood or composite shutters, the results are sure to be striking!


3½" Wood Arch Panel Shutters with Standard L-Frame, Astragal, and Standard Tilt: Picket Fence 1051

Add Long-Term Value with Custom Shutters

Shutters lend an air of timelessness, distinction, and permanence to your home, like a finely crafted piece of furniture. Both wood and composite shutters offer tried-and-true craftsmanship. Their lack of fabric or porous surfaces also ensures that shutters are easily cleaned and cared for. Wood and composite shutters are an investment that provide a long-term value to your home.


3 1/2" Louvers with Standard L-Frame and Standard Tilt in Winter White, 2922

Incorporate Warm, Natural Tones with Wood Shutters

Allow me to take a moment to talk about wood shutters. Bali Wood Shutters are milled in Grayling, Michigan from the finest-available U.S. timber, which results in quality that can be seen and felt. All of the lumber is responsibly harvested in North America so you can rest easy knowing your wood shutter was created in a sustainable way.

And did you know that a wood shutter can be ordered in many different paint or stain colors to highlight the wood's beautiful, natural grain? This is where you can really have fun and put your personal stamp on your wood shutter.

Along with a standard shutter style, you can get a wood shutter for specialty shapes like French doors and in cafe shutters and double-hung shutter styles.

Bali Wood Shutters are only available through the Bali Premium Shutters program, which includes an in-home consultation, professional measuring, and professional installation. Simply call customer service to schedule a design meeting to see all the options in your home.


3½" Wood French Door Shutters with Rectangular Cutout, Colonial L-Frame, and Hide-A-Tilt™: Majestic Walnut 1041

Increase Durability with Composite Shutters

So how do composite shutters differ from wood? Composite shutters are created with man-made materials designed for extra durability and moisture resistance. They're perfect for damp and humid locations like bathrooms, kitchens, or mudrooms. These shutters have a slightly sleeker look and a smooth finish. They have no visible wood grain pattern and tend to start at a lower price point.

Composite shutters can be ordered with the full host of options through with the Bali Premium Shutters program. But unlike wood shutters, you can also order composite shutters through the Bali DIY Shutters program. The DIY program includes streamlined color options and simple measuring and installation instructions for standard shutters. If you choose Bali DIY Shutters, you can get started by ordering your free swatches.


Above sink: 2½" Composite Café Panel Shutters with Standard L-Frame, Astragal, and Standard Tilt: Silk White 2922 Side: 2½" Composite Shutters with Standard L-Frame, Astragal, and Standard Tilt: Silk White 2922

Mix Wood and Composite Shutters for Whole-Home Coordination

Consider mixing both types of products throughout your home. Want to match a wood shutter in the living room with a composite shutter in the bathroom? No problem! Bali offers solutions for all of your wood and composite shutter needs.

It's also fun to mix wood blinds, wood vertical blinds, or even Roman shades with shutters to play with a variety of timeless looks throughout your home.

To start the Bali DIY Shutter process, order your free swatches! Or if you’d like to get started with the Bali Premium Shutters program, call customer service at 1-877-792-0002 to schedule a consultation. It couldn’t be easier to achieve the custom look your home deserves!