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  • Bali EasyTouch lift system in a beautiful kitchen

The Bali EasyTouch Lift System

Upgrade to our revolutionary new Bali EasyTouch Lift System for the most advanced, effortless control in the market. The only neutral-balance system available today, EasyTouch features smooth, quiet operation and precise, effortless placement for the utmost in modern convenience.

See It In Action

This one-of-a-kind technology is even more impressive in real life and is available exclusively on Bali Roller, Solar, and now Layered Shades.

Innovative Design for Your Modern Home

Quiet Movement

Raise and lower your shades without a sound.

Smooth Operation

Requires 50% less pull force than the average shade.

Effortless, Precise Placement

Lift even the largest shade to the exact spot you want it–with just one finger.

Decorative Hardware

Mounting hardware coordinates with your shade, so mechanical components remain hidden.

Wider Cordless Widths

EasyTouch supports widths up to 116” for non-railroaded fabric (or 145” for railroaded fabric).

Smaller Light Gap

Enjoy increased privacy and light control with a 33% smaller light gap compared to our current cordless lift (27% for EasyTouch Dual Lift vs. our current continuous-loop lift).

EasyTouch Lift Options

Cordless Lift provides a clean, uncluttered look, and is always a safer option for homes with kids and pets.

The Dual Lift is ideal for controlling larger shades on wide or tall windows and offers both continuous-loop lift and cordless lift operation.

Easy, precise placement—try it!