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Custom Solar Shades

Energy Efficiency
Easy to Clean
Motorized Lift
Environmentally Friendly

Finding the right balance in life is key—and that includes how much sun to let into your home. Bali Solar Shades protect your rooms from glare and sun damage, without blocking your view, making them a modern choice for today's home office, play room, living room, and more.

Custom solar shades have a uniquely engineered see-through design that brings the outdoors in all day. Enjoy the open view of your yard or garden during the day, without sacrificing sun protection.

Indoor solar shades filter out both sunlight and damaging UV rays from your home to shield your rooms from heat and offer protection from sun damage.

Updated fabrics are available in a variety of opacities, as well as expanded widths for extra-wide windows. A new, easy-to-install flat valance offers a cleaner, more modern option. 

The openness percentage tells you the percentage of UV rays the fabric allows into your home. Our fabrics range from 1% to 10% openness for the view and sun protection that's right for you. 

Dark fabrics with high openness percentages offer the best views. Light fabrics with low openness percentages offer the most protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays. For nighttime privacy, combine solar and roller shades in a Bali Dual Shade or layer with drapery.

EcoLiving fabrics are made from plastic bottles recycled from the ocean, while EnviroStyle fabrics feature 100% consumer recycled material to reduce landfill waste. SafeElements fabrics look out for your well-being as well by helping reduce fungi and microbes in your home.

NEW Eco Solar Shade Collection

NEW Eco solar shades are specially made for a healthier home and cleaner planet. Check out these collections, all tested by UL Environment and meet their stringent GREENGUARD Gold standards.

Learn More About Eco →

Product Options, Explained

  • Continuous-Loop Lift

    Continuous-Loop Lift

    Chain loop raises and lowers the shade without changing the length of the cord, providing smooth and easy operation. The included safety guide keeps the cord out of reach of kids and pets to eliminate dangling hazards.

  • EasyTouch Dual Lift

    EasyTouch Dual Lift

    Ideal for tall or wide windows, this system can be operated as both continuous-loop lift or cordless, for ultra-smooth, quiet operation.

  • EasyTouch Cordless Lift

    EasyTouch Cordless Lift

    Lift and lower even the largest shade to the exact spot you want it—with just the touch of a finger.

  • Cordless Lift

    Cordless Lift

    Raise and lower by pulling on the bottomrail for smooth, cord-free operation; certified Best for Kids™ for homes with children and pets.

  • Smart Pull Lift

    Smart Pull Lift

    Raise and lower the shade with a few tugs of the cord. The cord stays the same length, perfect for tall or hard-to-reach window treatments.

  • Motorized Lift

    Motorized Lift

    Control with a remote or with a home automation app; certified Best for Kids for homes with children and pets.

Sliding Panels

With the versatility and variety of fabrics available with Bali Roller Shades, you can create smooth, sliding panels out of the same fabric for patio doors.

Visualize Treatments on Your Windows

Simply upload a photo of your window and start designing—or choose from our sample room scenes—for an exciting way to preview window treatments.

Bali Visualizer

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