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Tailored Roman Shades

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One of 3 types of Bali Roman shades, (classic, tailored, and natural), Bali Tailored Roman Shades feature the customized quality and fine fabrics you would expect from a high-end designer—but at a lower price. You get lush fabrics, hand-sewn tailoring, customization options, and more.

Roman window shades are available in 4 styles: looped with folds down the shade, flat with horizontal panels, seamless with no folds or panels, or relaxed without folds or panels and a gentle curve on the bottom.

With such a large collection of luxurious fabrics to choose from, it’s easy to find a fabric that perfectly complements your room. Choose from on-trend colors and patterns in subtle neutrals and bold colors for a traditional or modern look.

Bali drapery and top treatments are available in many of the same fabrics, so you can easily coordinate drapery, shades, and accessories for your whole home. A tailored shade perfectly matched with drapes in the same fabric has a truly finished look.

Tailored Roman shades come with a seamless standard liner, but you can choose a blackout or a dimout lining for additional privacy, energy efficiency, and protection from moisture.

Tailored Roman Shade Product Options

  • Standard Roman Shades

    Flat Shades

    Flat shades feature clean, classic styling with flat panels that when raised fold in approximately 6" intervals

  • Looped Shades

    Looped Shades

    Looped Roman Shades add a dimensional look with soft folds that complements many home decor styles.

  • Relaxed

    Relaxed Shades

    Relaxed shades feature curved folds at the bottom; perfect for printed fabrics you don't want interrupted by folds or panels.

  • Seamless Shades

    Seamless Shades

    Simple and contemporary style Roman shades that feature uninterrupted fabric; perfect for patterns.

Roman Shades

Available in three styles—Classic, Natural and Tailored—Roman shades pair well with traditional drapery for added dimension and improved light control. For a truly finished look, combine a tailored Roman shade with custom drapery in the exact same fabric.

Bali Roman Shades

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