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150 Years of American Style

The Bali brand was born in the 1960s with the launch of the 1-inch Bali Custom Mini Blind. But that wasn't the beginning.

Horse drawn carriage with lamp

First, There Was Light

We trace our roots back to 1864, just as the Civil War was ending. During this time of great upheaval, a surgeon, Dr. Elias Carey saw a way to make daily life better. He started a company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to design lamps for horse-drawn carriages.

Open Shade and Scenery Drawing

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Soon the world had changed, and carriages were no longer the staple of daily life. No problem! In 1906, the Carey Company turned its attention to bringing style and privacy to Americans traveling by car and train. The company designed curtains and curtain rollers for automobiles and venetian blinds for trains.