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Bedroom Blinds and Shades

Motorized roller shades in a bedroom.

There are many ways to cover your bedroom windows. We’ve picked ten different solutions for you to consider, each with a different level of light control, privacy, and style. Roller shades and solar shades are the simplest solution. Cellular shades are simple, too, and have the added benefit of absorbing sound. Pleated, Classic Roman shades, Tailored Roman shades, natural shades, and sheer shades each provide their own special look and feel. And drapery gives you hundreds of fabric options. You’ll have no trouble finding a window treatment that works for you.

The Best Bedroom Shades

Roller Shades

Cordless roller shades in a bedroom.

Roller shades bring you light control and privacy with the pull of a shade. Bali’s roller shades are available in a range of opacities, including blackout fabrics that will provide the darkness you need for falling asleep—and sleeping late. You can even add side rails to increase light control. For a great night’s sleep, it’s hard to beat a roller shade.

Solar Shades

Cordless solar shades in a bedroom.

Solar shades let you take advantage of sunlight during the day. They offer limited privacy, but they can also be combined with a roller shade in a blackout fabric for a window-treatment solution that gives you a full range of options. 

Cellular Shades

Cordless cellular shades in a bedroom.

Cellular shades, available in blackout fabrics, are an excellent solution for your bedroom windows. These simple, elegant window treatments insulate against heat and cold more effectively than any other style of window covering. Combine with Bali custom drapery for a sophisticated look for your bedroom. For maximum versatility, choose the ultra-convenient motorized bottom up/top down configuration.

Pleated Shades

Motorized pleated shades in a bedroom.

Pleated shades come in a range of interesting fabrics and are available with room-darkening liners, making them a fun option for your bedroom windows. Combine pleated shades with Bali drapery for a finished look that’s hard to beat.

Learn more about the difference between pleated and cellular shades from our helpful guide.

Roman Shades

Cordless classic roman shades in a bedroom.

For a look that combines the convenience of shades with a breathtaking array of fabrics, Roman shades are your choice. Tailored Roman shades can be made with an array of fabrics, including blackout fabrics. And because Bali Tailored Roman Shades and Bali Custom Drapery share the same fabric collection, you can the two types of window treatments together on the same window for a sophisticated, finished look.

Natural Shades

Motorized natural shades in a bedroom.

Bali Natural Shades are an earth-friendly, beautiful solution for your bedroom windows. Natural shades’ interesting textures and naturally calming colors come from bamboo, wood, rattan, grasses, and jute. For bedrooms, a natural shade combined with a light-controlling liner can be a breathtaking solution.

The Best Bedroom Blinds

Wood and Faux-Wood Blinds

Wood blinds in a bedroom.

Another bedroom window-treatment solution is blinds. Bali’s wood and faux-wood blinds are a classic solution for controlling light and providing privacy. A popular solution for bedrooms is a white-colored set of wood blinds. Combine this with a complementary set of sheer drapery and you have a beautiful design element that works in many bedrooms.

Drapery and Curtains For Bedrooms

Patterned drapery in a bedroom.

The addition of drapery to any shade can enhance the look of your room and give you added light control. But drapery can be used on its own as a bedroom window treatment. The huge selection of Bali drapery fabrics—from sheer to blackout—makes it easy to find the right look and level of light control.

Shutters For Bedrooms

White composite shutters in a bedroom.

Bali Premium Shutters are the sturdiest window treatment solution available for your bedroom. With their heavy-duty construction and age-old design, they’re in a category all their own. In the bedroom, they can be used on their own quite effectively, or combined with drapery for highly versatile light and privacy control.

Layering Bedroom Blinds and Shades

Classic roman shades layered with drapery in a bedroom.

Layering is simply combining two window treatments onto one window. Having the two types of window treatments increases your options for privacy and light control. It also creates visual interest and depth. Generally, layering window treatments means combining drapery with either shades or blinds. Often, the shades and blinds closely match the drapery. But you can also create bold and playful effects by contrasting the drapery and the shades or blinds. No matter what combination you choose, the result will be a window that makes a style statement. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bedroom Blinds and Shades

How can I make my bedroom window look more complete?

Adding drapery to almost any window treatment can make your bedroom windows look more complete. Not only does Bali Custom Drapery give you an opportunity to bring colorful fabrics into your bedroom’s design scheme, drapery also gives you greater light control and privacy. 

Are blinds, curtains, or shades better for smaller bedrooms?

The best solution for a small bedroom is shades combined with a traditional drapery. An ideal combination would be a roller shade paired with a room-darkening drapery. The roller shade is simple to use and the drapery can be hung on the wall so that the room looks taller. 

What kind of curtains look good in a bedroom?

There’s no single right answer when it comes to fabric—everyone has their own taste. Luckily, there’s a fabric for everyone. One of the most popular solutions for bedroom curtains is a light-colored fabric with room-darkening or blackout-level light control. Despite their cheerful, light color, these curtains will shut out the light when you’re ready to go to bed. 

How can I cover my windows without curtains?

There are a number of shades that work well without curtains. Cellular shades, roller shades, Classic Roman shades, and Tailored Roman shades are examples of shades that work quite well without any additional curtains.

The Bottom Line

Only you know what’s the right window treatment for your bedroom. If you keep in mind the most important considerations—privacy and light control, style, and durability—you’ll have no trouble finding what’s right for you. The rewards are a bedroom you’ll enjoy being in and a better night’s sleep.