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Choosing the Best Cellular Shades: A Makeover Story, Part 2


In part one of our two-part series, we were excited to help our friends Amy and Ed through the selection and measuring process for new 1¼" cellular shades for their Chicago home! After looking through all of the fabric swatches, we were thrilled to find that the Halo, Gray Whisper 1¼" cellular shades were a near-perfect match to their room’s existing wall color. (Remember, free swatches can always be ordered right here to confirm the best match for your own home.) 

Once we had finalized the fabric color and taken our measurements, we placed the order and waited as patiently as possible for delivery day! The day the shades arrived, we were all set for the simple installation process.

Securing the Mounting Brackets

Ed raved that the installation process was a snap! The installation instructions are very straightforward and easy to understand. With a few simple measurements, a level and a drill, the brackets mount to the window frames with a handful of screws. The brackets even feature slotted holes to allow for minor vertical adjustments once in place. 

02-YBH-AFTER.jpg 03-YBH-AFTER.jpg

Mounting the Shades

Once each shade’s mounting brackets were secured, the shades simply clicked into the brackets with no additional tools. The connection point is a linear channel, so small side-to-side adjustments are easy to make. This keeps installation simple and makes centering cellular shades within the window openings very easy! 


Cord Management and Finishing Touches

The placement of Amy and Ed’s cellular shades was ideal for the energy-efficient AutoViewTM motorized cellular shades. A power outlet is located in the middle of the floor behind the sofa, which provided an easy power connection for the top and middle left cellular shades.

On the right side of the room, a power outlet is located in the wall just past the sofa. This gave them the perfect connection for the top and middle-right cellular shades. With some simple wire management components that Ed picked up at the local hardware store, the power cords are nearly invisible!

Battery power is another option for motorized shades. Batteries for average-sized shades last about a year and are a great solution that doesn't require electricity!

05-YBH-AFTER.jpg 06-YBH-AFTER.jpg

Let’s Not Forget the Basement!

The energy-saving honeycomb shape of the 1¼" cellular shades will help insulate the basement and keep things warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Amy and Ed’s basement serves multiple purposes. It features a television/entertainment area as well as a play space for their young son, Asher. The new Bali Cellular Shades offer the privacy and durability they were looking for while also providing maximum energy efficiency in a look they’ll love for years! 

09-YBH-AFTER.jpg 10-YBH-AFTER.jpg

The home’s floor plan also features a unique design element that keeps the front of the main floor open to the basement to showcase the large windows. The insulating cellular shades will aid in keeping the family comfortable all year long. 


Motorized Lift System

Amy and Ed’s cellular shades feature the AutoViewTM motorized lift system that allows them to control each shade either independently or together. With their former corded roller shades, they found themselves raising and lowering the shades far less than they would like, since the combination of the railing and sofa made the cords difficult to access. Now, with the touch of a button, the front of their home can transform from private and cozy to bright and inviting.

07-YBH-AFTER.jpg 08-YBH-AFTER.jpg

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Bali Cellular Shades are built to last. They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that offers peace of mind and represents Bali’s dedication to making sure your new look stands the test of time!

12-YBH-AFTER.jpg Amy, Ed, Asher, and their sweet pup Bruno couldn’t be happier with their new cellular shades. They’ve already commented on how the front of their home feels more cohesive to the rest of the room. We loved helping them out with this project and hope it provides some inspiration for your own cellular shade decisions!