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Choosing Wood Blinds for a Timeless Look: Part I of II

A Bali wood selector in use

Have you ever considered wood blinds for your home? We had cherry wood blinds in the living room of a former home, chosen in the same finish as our kitchen cabinets. Because we had an open concept floor plan, the blinds alone unified the two spaces like no other accessory was able to do!

Why Wood Blinds?

Bali Wood Blinds lend your home a sophisticated charm; add richness and warmth; and give you the ability to go clean, minimal, and cheerful. Simply put, they’re timeless and versatile. Better yet, they’re durable enough for the hardworking family, too.

When closed, wood blinds are able to completely shield your room from sun, and on the other hand, having the blinds open will allow all of that natural light to shine in. You are in total control of the light, and as a bonus, wood adds energy efficiency, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

For all of these reasons, we’re especially excited to share with you the window makeover of our friends Joe and Kara! As new homeowners, they’ve begun their own home renovation journey. They’ve been hard at work from the ground up (quite literally, as they just installed hardwood floors throughout!), and they’re now at the point where they’re looking for a classic and fresh look to cover a large picture window in their front room. Here’s how the room looked on moving day:

Empty windows ready for Bali blinds The empty room

Choosing the Best Material and Color for the Room

As a family of three, Joe and Kara’s style is fun, yet classic, with an emphasis on durability and safety for their infant daughter. Together, we went through the many Bali Wood Blinds paint and stain options available, and we all agreed that a white finish would beautifully enhance their large window without demanding all the attention in the room. We landed on 2 3/8” slats, the largest size for their equally large window. Then we ordered swatches and agreed that the Snowstorm color, a bright, warm white works best with the tone of their floors and the color of their home’s trimwork.

Joe and Kara pick a color from the Bali selector

Adding Cloth Tapes

After deciding on a color, I suggested that we add cloth tapes for a more personal touch! Cloth fabric can be as colorful or as subdued as you wish, but I personally love that this option conceals route holes and further prevents light leakage. Joe and Kara had selected several samples beforehand, and by holding the options against the winning slat color, they could easily narrow their choices down to the ones they were most attracted to.

Joe and Kara lay cloth tapes out to pick the right color

Cloth taps are a great way to provide style, privacy & light control.

Seeing Final Selections in the Space

In order to land on the winning combination, I had Joe and Kara look at their choices next to the window, where the product would be installed. I always recommend this—whether it’s paint for the walls or swatches of fabric for window treatments—as this can completely change the way you see color in a space. By doing so, they were excited to move forward with cloth tapes in the White Smoke color, paired with Snowstorm for their wood blinds. White Smoke is a deeper white, which we all thought added more dimension to the overall design.

The slat and cloth tape selection are held up to the window

Determining Inside Vs. Outside Mount

Their window has a very shallow jamb, which would make an inside mount virtually impossible. As a result, the decision to move forward with an outside mount was made for us, which requires us to provide the exact measurements needed for the window. We’ve always used this guide as a rule of thumb!

Joe measures the window jamb

Measuring for a Proper Fit

Combined, the windows are over 9’ wide, so we opted for three blinds on one headrail, which would also mimic the number of windows within the larger jamb. The headrail will be concealed with a sleek valance, hiding the mechanisms of the blinds. In order to ensure proper measurements, Joe and Kara recorded the width and height of the entire window. When their order arrives, each blind will have a ¼” gap between them, and as a whole, they’ll extend across the entire width and height of the window for a seamless look.

A collage of photos showing the measuring of each window

This is the last time you’ll see this wall looking so bare! Joe and Kara are in the process of installing their new blinds, and they’ve since selected furnishings for the room as well.

Empty windows ready for Bali blinds

I’m looking forward to sharing the final reveal with you, as well as how their wood blinds function in the space!

*Bali Cordless Wood Blinds are no longer offered with cloth tapes