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Choosing Wood Blinds for a Timeless Look: Part II of II

A happy family enjoying their living room and Bali shades

In the first part of this two-post series, we dove into the topic of wood blinds. We asked the questions: Are they right for you? How do you customize them for your space? Bali Wood Blinds, available in a variety of paint colors and wood finishes, offer countless options for the right aesthetic in your home. Better yet, wood blinds are available in cordless and motorized options, eliminating the need for cords while creating a safer home environment.

Joe and Kara’s Room Before

When we last left off, we were in the beginning stages of making over the front room for our friends Joe and Kara. This room connects to an adjoining dining space, with both rooms having large picture windows. While the windows are stunning, they offer no privacy. This is the blank canvas we were working with:

Empty windows ready for Bali blinds The empty room

Joe and Kara’s Room After

We were on the hunt for a streamlined window treatment option that would offer light control and, of course, privacy, while also feeling minimal and cheerful. With this in mind, Bali Wood Blinds turned out to be a great solution for Joe and Kara! After carefully going over the abundance of colors, stains, and cloth tapes available, we landed on 2 3/8 inch slats—the largest size for their equally large window!—in the color Snowstorm, a bright, warm white that works well with the tone of their floors and the color of their home’s trim. I worked with Kara to choose neutral, classic furniture pieces that could withstand a growing family, and we incorporated a bold navy rug to ground the space. Rather than overwhelming the room, the white wood blinds act as an effortless accent!

The beautifully decorated room with Bali Wood Blinds The decorated living room

Because the dining room can be seen from this living space, we chose the same style of wood blind for consistency:

Dining room windows with Bali Wood Blinds, from a distance

Customizing Wood Blinds

When deciding on the final white paint finish for their wood blinds, I suggested that we incorporate cloth tapes into the design. Cloth tape is both utilitarian and beautiful; it conceals route holes while offering a personal touch, too. We chose cloth tapes in the color White Smoke, a deep white that plays off of their warm gray walls.

Joe and Kara moved into their home this past spring, and they have been tirelessly working to make it their own ever since. Wood floors replaced wall-to-wall carpet, the walls were freshly painted, and crown molding was installed. Their home has come so far in such a short amount of time! I can’t help but include one more before photo (or shall we call it a progress photo?), followed by an after:

Before: the unfinished living room After: the finished living room

Controlling the Blinds

As a young family with an infant, Joe and Kara were concerned about safety. To eliminate cords, we chose a cordless lift and a wand tilt. Not only does this minimize visual chaos, but it's also a wonderful option for families with young children and pets! The wand tilts the slats open or closed while the cordless lift incorporates an easy grip bottomrail.

Two control types: wand tilt and cordless

Wand tilt (left) opens slats and cordless lift (right) raises your blinds

Enjoying Your Custom Design!

I’ve always thought that window treatments should enhance the way you experience your home. They should never detract from it, nor should they be a burden. Joe and Kara made smart, long-term decisions that will allow them to live comfortably, and the ease of controlling their window treatments have already become second nature in their day-to-day.

*Bali Cordless Wood Blinds are no longer offered with cloth tapes.

A family enjoys their redesigned living room Collaged photos of the living room and Bali Wood Blinds