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Blinds for Large Windows and Wide Doors

Cover your wide window and sliding glass door in style

  • Roller Shades with Cordless Lift: Promenade, Banff 1234; Roller Shade Sliding Panels with Cordless Lift: Promenade, Banff T1234

Wide windows and sliding glass doors open up your home to the outdoors, allowing for scenic views and generous amounts of daylight. They’re often a focal point, and their window treatments make a style statement in your home.

Vertical blinds are the classic choice, but there are many other options. With the popularity of open concept floor plans, finding a solution that coordinates your sliding glass door with your windows is more important than ever.

Explore our designer-approved solutions to find the one that best suits your space.

Windows: Standard Roman Natural Shades with Cordless Lift: Framework, White 80603 and 9" Cathedral Deco-Trim Valance with Accent Gimp: White 417. Door: Sliding Panels with Wand Control: Framework, White T0603 with 1" Edge Banding: Snow White 7170 and 9" Cathedral Deco-Trim Valance with Accent Gimp: White 417

Horizontal Blinds & Shades

Many of our horizontal blinds and shades are available at extra-wide widths. Bali Cellular Shades, for example, can be made up to 144" wide. Large windows can also be covered by having several blinds or shades built onto one headrail. Even though it’s one cohesive treatment on your window, each blind or shade can be operated independently for flexible light and privacy.

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Solar Shades with Cordless Lift: Andes, Soft Charcoal 16404; Sliding Panels with Wand Control: Andes, Soft Charcoal T6404

Sliding Panels

Sliding panels offer a clean, modern take on vertical treatments with sleek, no-fuss panels. Made from the same fabrics as 4 of our most popular horizontal shades, Bali Sliding Panels make it easy to coordinate and design your open concept space.

Your sliding panels can be designed from 4 types of fabrics:

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Windows: Combo Shade with Cordless Lift: 3/4" Single Cell Shades: Impresario, Sandstone Gray 0590 (bottom) and Intuition, White Blossom 5800 (top) Door: 3/4" Single Cell VertiCell Cellular Shade: Impresario, Sandstone Gray 0590

VertiCell Cellular Shades

Bali VertiCell Cellular Shades offer the most insulation to your sliding glass door, reducing heat transfer by up to 64%*! These energy-saving shades block the sun’s heat from your space in the summer and keep your home’s heated air from escaping in the winter.

Our vertical cellular shades are made from stylish woven fabrics and crush-resistant spunlace fabrics. Our best-in-class fabrics are soft yet durable, for quality you can see and feel.

Our honeycomb shades go well with any room style. We worked with decor industry experts to ensure you'll find a color you'll love for years—no matter your style. Plus, our extra-large 1¼" cell size is designed with extra-large spaces in mind.

* Based on product testing by Architectural Testing Incorporated

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Crown Vinyl Vertical Blinds with Cord and Chain Control: Estate, Frosted Grape 6800 with 3" Standard Wood Valance: Koala, 1761

Vertical Blinds

Our high-quality styles, versatile colors, and durable materials offer modern options for every space. Patented headrails mean your vanes stay straight and even.

  • Wood.  Made from premium North American hardwood, our vertical wood blinds bring in a stunning natural element to your space.
  • Fabric.  For a softer look. Fabrics range from sheer to room darkening, and come in a variety of weaves and materials.
  • Vinyl.  Opt for a traditional look by choosing vinyl vanes that have a smooth surface and a standard crown shape, or upgrade to embossed vanes that mimic the texture of fabric, wood, or stucco in a subtle, drapery-like wave.
  • Sheer-covered vinyl.  With flowing sheer material layered over room-darkening vinyl vanes, this style offers the best combination of comfort and light control.
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Windows: Bottom Up/Top Down Shades with Cordless Lift: 1/2" Double Cell Cellular Shades: Hideaway, Red Velvet 1458 Drapery: Decorative Panels with Grommet Top Hardware: 1 3/8" Pole

Custom Drapery

Bali Drapery is a showstopping solution for both wide windows and sliding glass doors. Gorgeous fabrics and exquisite hand tailoring mean your custom drapery showcase exceptional quality in inspiring style.

Add drapery as a layer with other blinds or shades on your wide windows or as a standalone treatment for sliding glass doors. Add a liner for more privacy, insulation, or moisture resistance.

Natural drapes are another drapery option. Fabrics are made from renewable materials like jute and grasses for sustainable, nature-based design. Hand-woven natural drapes offer a connection to the outdoors in the soft, flowing design of drapes.

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Looped Roman Natural Drapes with Continuous-loop Lift
Looped Roman Natural Shades with Continuous-loop Lift and 2" Edge Banding in Chestnut 1001: Uplands, Torridon 05987 Natural Drape, 60% Fullness, with Wand Control and 2" Edge Banding in Chestnut 1001: Uplands, Torridon 05987 51⁄2" Regal Cornice in Truffle 1054

Natural Drapes

Bali Natural Drapes let you dress your wide windows and patio doors in environmentally sound style. Available in a wide range of natural shade materials, natural drapes combine chic, rustic design with the rolling qualities of drapery.

  • Natural style. Bring the natural beauty of bamboo, jute, grasses, and woven wood to your wide windows and patio doors.
  • Distinctive design. Thanks to natural differences in the weave of every drape, each window treatment becomes a unique work of art to show off.
  • Wide window coordination. Natural drapes coordinate effortlessly with Bali Natural Shades, letting you bring the natural look to your entire home.

Exploring other alternatives for your large windows? Check out Bali Sliding Panels, VertiCell Cellular Shades, and Vertical Blinds.

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2 ½" Wood Bypass Shutters with 4 ½" Decorative Valance and Standard Tilt: Picket Fence 1051


Traditional shutters are a sophisticated solution for wide windows, and Bali Bypass Shutters offer a durable, unique option for sliding glass doors. Choose the warmth of 100% North American hardwood or the modern engineering of composite shutters.

No matter what you choose, shutters add an architectural element and timeless sophistication to your space.

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